Sercel-GRC launches School of Gauges training courses

World Oil Staff January 18, 2023

(WO) — Sercel-GRC, an oil and gas service company that designs, manufactures and markets downhole data acquisition instruments and surface equipment, has launched School of Gauges (SoG) Training Courses for electric submersible pump (ESP) or permanent downhole gauge (PDG) monitoring. The programs will educate, strengthen skills and expand knowledge on the use of Sercel-GRC downhole monitoring systems.

SoG Training Courses are open to all to attend, both within the U.S. and globally. They are specifically designed to benefit those involved in sales, service, installation and data interpretation in the oil & gas artificial lift sector. SoG Training Courses are a combination of theory, hands-on and application-based modules, tailored to meet the needs of specific regions and languages.

Each participant in the SoG Training Courses will gain expertise in functionality tests, best practices, configuration, troubleshooting, certificate of attendance and compliance. The knowledge can be applied to better serve the interests of their company and role to improve their turn-key services and reduce CAPEX and OPEX in their operations.

Tom Millar, vice president of marketing & international sales, Sercel-GRC, said, “SoG Training Courses are one of the many actions we have taken to serve the artificial lift sector with educational programs to empower our users to best choose their monitoring tools to fit their needs and ensure they operate them properly in order to meet their technically specified scope of performance.”

The two-day SoG Training Courses are provided at the Sercel, Inc. facility in Houston, Texas, and the next course will run February 9-10, 2023.


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