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Oil and gas in the capitals

A new Mideast energy vision

Cleaning up the desert in Kuwait

The scale of the problem of earthen pits in Kuwait—millions of barrels—together with a variable content of the sludge makes for a challenging task.

What's new in production

The Sultanate of Oman is blessed with oil, but much of that oil is heavy. Oman has experienced a drop in crude production over the past six years to 737,700 bopd in 2006 from 956,000 bopd in 2001. For the first five months of 2007, production continued dropping to an average 713,000 bopd. The average Omani well produces about 400 bopd. This situation creates a problem for the treasury, since some 40% of the country’s GDP comes from oil. The government has acted and has put in motion several EOR projects to bring major heavy oil reserves into production. In 2005, Occidental Petroleum was granted a PSC to steam flood Mukhaizna field. Other fields being developed with EOR processes include Fahud, Harweel, Marmul and Qarn Alam. Mukhaizna field covers more than 40 mi2 and holds reserves of over 2 billion bbl of original-oil-in-place.

Iraqi oil reserves show great potential

Iraq shows the greatest promise among Middle Eastern producers for adding significant reserves and production.

KOC turns a mutt into a thoroughbred

After watching output from one well drop to zero, Kuwait Oil Co. used a customized multi-frac job to bring it back to life.

Technical limit thinking produces steep learning curve

Implementation reduced the number of days to drill a well from almost 100 to below 60 in Saih Rawl field, Oman.

Oil and gas in the capitals

The Arab Gas Pipeline Project is a cooperative success

Intelligent multilateral MRC wells drilled and completed in Haradh Inc-3

Intelligently completed MRC wells have improved Aramco's development economics.

Middle Eastern countries ride a tide of prosperity

Higher oil prices have contributed to greater economic growth, and inflation is also on the rise. Productive capacity is growing, but slowly.

Saudi Arabia pushes forward

In addition to expanding oil and gas output, new discoveries have been made.

Shell and PDO hone skills in UBD reservoir characterization

PDO combined technologies to unlock the potential of Oman's mature fields.

MRC well installed as intelligent completion with multiphase flow monitoring

Compared to a conventional completion, a Saudi Aramco maximum reservoir contact well with intelligent well systems succeeded with minimal incremental risk.

International: Worldwide oil production

Demand flattens, giving producers time to expand capacity

United States: US rotary rigs

US rig count continues to defy gravity

International Politics

IEA's World Energy Outlook 2006 has significant methodology flaws

A new approach optimizes continuous gas lift system

Knowing the composition of the gas is important in designing an effective gas lift system.

Management of geologic risk, uncertainty defines accurate horizontal well placement

More than 40% of horizontal wells encounter major unexpected structural geologic/ stratigraphic changes during drilling that result in wells being sidetracked or serious consideration given to this option. As the hole angle increases and measured depth of bed thickness becomes more distorted, correlation between predicted and actual geologies proportionately increases in difficulty. Therefore, real-time correlation must be systematically planned in advance, and must identify key marker beds and decision points. Failure to recognize individual parameters within the reservoir of interest, such as stratigraphy, rock type, reservoir geometry and structure, fluid content, and formation petrophysical properties, can result in costly mistakes. As witnessed during planning and executing horizontal drilling programs in the Hawiyah and Haradh fields of Saudi Arabia, the industry’s ability to drill horizontal and high-angle boreholes has improved with the aid of proper geological planning, execution and evaluation.

International Politics

High prices do not guarantee Middle Eastern prosperity

Multilaterals and intelligent well systems applied to a mature field

Successful application of multilaterals and intelligent well systems by Petroleum Development Oman onshore shows that the technology is not just meant for deepwater subsea wells.

Bugan field gas management controls four producing zones

An integrated solution uses reservoir surveillance and intelligent wells to reduce uncertainties about compartmentalization, deliverability and vertical communication.

Drilling development wells in less time with lower cost

When drilling ERD wells, one should determine the criteria for choosing between a motor/variable gauge stabilizer combination and an RSS.