Coretrax completes record-breaking project with expandable technology

June 20, 2022

Global well integrity and production optimization company Coretrax has completed a world record-breaking project in the Utica Basin, Northeast U.S., for a major gas operator with its ReLine Expandable Technology.

The company successfully deployed the ReLineMNS system across three wells and expanded a total of more than 27,000 ft of tubulars across the campaign.

With one of the expandable liners reaching 9,000 ft in its expansion, all installations smashed the previously held record of 7,243 ft by at least 1,000 ft.

The total setting time from beginning expansion to exiting the top of the liner took only 9 hours per well over a total of seven days on location. Covering the well integrity issue with one full-length liner, the overall setting time was significantly less than that of competing products on the market, setting at approximately 1,000ft per hour.

Coretrax’s technology was deployed into each of the wells with a 4.25” outer diameter liner. On expansion of the liner, the post-expansion of the inner diameter was 4.1” with an internal pressure capability of well over 10,000psi, covering the wellbore issues identified.

Scott Benzie, Chief Technical Officer at Coretrax commented: “Our advanced no shoe expandable technology allows operators to effectively isolate well integrity issues and immediately proceed with their next operations without the requirement to drill out a shoe, enabling our clients access to huge time and cost savings on their projects.

“The engineered materials used in the expandable technology ensure reliability is maintained through the operation, resulting in a consistent expansion reflecting our attention to detail.

“Our highly skilled team members from the operations and applications departments were key to the success of this world record, and delivering our valuable services for each well. This project pays testament to the strong and trusting relationship we have built with our client.”

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