World Oil's Deep Dive podcast features in depth discussions with the authors of technical articles published in the monthly magazine. Subscribe today, and learn more about the technology shaping our industry's future.
Powering today's oilfield for tomorrow's energy A monthly show discussing the technologies that power the oilfield with electricity. Industry experts discuss topics ranging from microgrids to e-frac. Each episodes will go deeper into a wide range of topics including microgrids, turbines, hydrogen and more!
The Reservoir: Current Production, Reserves Replacement, Carbon Capture and the Energy Transition A discussion with subject matter experts on the future of energy. We discuss geopolitics, economics and the technology that's enabling us to chart a new path to providing the world's energy needs.
The Oilfield 360 Podcast, produced by Upright Digital, is the premier Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas podcast hosted by David de Roode and his co-hosts, Greg Davis and Jim Wicklund. The podcast provides our listeners and subscribers with unique insight into the leadership of this great Oil and Gas industry and how the industry makes modern life possible. We talk with industry leaders, disrupters and thought leaders who share their background, experiential knowledge, lessons learned and opinions. We discuss topics of leadership, culture, technology, risk, continuous business improvement and business sustainability, community engagement and philanthropy as well as environmental stewardship, among other things
The Energy In Transition Podcast is a first of its kind exploration of the critical role of oil and gas in energy transition. Each episode engages thought leaders in an exploration of ESG, capital markets, inclusion & diversity, workforce innovation and energy transition. Follow along with your hosts - Leslie Beyer, CEO of Energy Workforce & Technology Council and Dan Pickering, Founder of Pickering Energy Partners alongside Josh Lowrey, President of Upright Digital - as they take a look at the state of the energy services sector, emerging technologies and the path ahead in a world of lower-carbon energy development.
The Highly Capable Podcast is a dynamic show that offers insights and inspiration for individuals seeking to excel in their careers and industries. Hosted by Keith Chometsky and Frank Cantrell, the podcast features interviews with highly capable individuals from the manufacturing and supply chain world, as well as other fields. The show explores the mindset, habits, and strategies that enable these individuals to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and make an impact in their organizations and communities. Additionally, The Highly Capable Podcast provides a comprehensive resource for professionals in the supply chain and logistics industries, featuring discussions on emerging trends, best practices, and real-world examples of successful operations. With its emphasis on high performance and expertise, The Highly Capable Podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to reach their full potential.
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