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Processing of a large offshore 3DVSP DAS survey in a producing well

Francesco Miranda, Emmanuel Spadavecchia, Shujaat Ali, Roberto Castañeda-Aguilar

DAS fiber deployed on several wells’ completion strings offshore recorded a 3DVSP survey with ongoing production, but with significant noise encountered. A novel, two-step approach on one well addressed fiber directivity response on recorded data to recover relative amplitudes. The final 3D VSP image showed improved spatial resolution over target intervals.

Top 4 ways oil and gas companies can report ESG goals to investors

Julia Zakhari

For many companies, the biggest hurdle is not knowing how to accurately report on ESG goals to investors, in a way that directly correlates to their ROI. This article details the top four ways oil and gas companies can report ESG goals to investors.

World Oil editorial: UK government can’t have it both ways


Recent moves by the UK government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicate that people in his regime must think that they can play both sides of the street, so to speak, when it comes to oil and gas policy, and get away with it. We are here to tell them that this is not practical, much less ethical and effective.

More production with less power and noise

Bogdan Iordanescu, Humberto Machado, Gustavo Ariza, Vasile Dragan

Permanent magnet motors deliver higher efficiency and value for PCPs and optimized surface-drive technology.

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Executive Viewpoint: Energy expansion rather than transition

To borrow a phrase from the recent Energy Workforce & Technology Council annual meeting, I believe the changes we’re seeing are an energy “expansion,” not an energy “transition.”

Oil and gas in the capitals: China is now threatening Indonesian E&P

In December 2021, China and Indonesia had a standoff over E&P in the southern South China Sea that involved unequivocal politico-military intimidation. While China has done this to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan, this was a first for Indonesia.

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