Automation & Control

April 2024
Increasing safety and reducing injuries during drilling is gaining momentum. Automation achieves these goals in the red zone by automating risk-prone, manual tasks. Automated installation of control line clamps has increased rig floor safety. Semi- and fully automated systems will become available commercially later this year.
May 08, 2024
The REMOTE-CON notation demonstrates the vessel’s alignment with remote-control functions and signifies that the design and construction of the offshore asset are assessed against and adhere to the ABS Requirements for Autonomous and Remote Control Functions.
May 07, 2024
The artificial intelligence-based Autonomous Machinery Health Management Function (HiCBM) and the Autonomous Safety Management Function (HiCAMS) both received AIP from ABS at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.
May 06, 2024
Optime Subsea's second-generation ROCS has gradually become the new industry standard for well completion operations. Because it has eliminated the need for the umbilical, which traditionally connects the surface to the seabed for controlling the tubing hanger in subsea well completions, and the associated topside hydraulic control unit.

Faster, Smarter, Cleaner: The Power of Automated Tubular Running Services

May 29, 2024
Baker Hughes
Discover how automation and AI technology can streamline tubular installation, ensuring that operations are not only faster, saving valuable time, but also smarter, optimizing resources and decision-making in real-time. Moreover, with the emphasis on cleaner operations, reductions in footprint, people on board (POB) and carbon emissions can also be achieved. Join us to learn how these advancements deliver excellence in tubular running services.

Achieving successful production automation

May 01, 2024
Baker Hughes
Want to improve recovery from existing resources? Need to boost production from underperforming and mature fields? Looking to increase ROI without additional CAPEX? For many, production automation offers the answer. But in a world where many operators are still struggling through well management in Excel spreadsheets, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Successful production automation requires a balance of technology, change management, and process optimization. In this webcast, you will learn how one operator achieved double-digit production uplift and revolutionized their field operations using an automated field production solution.

An Open Approach to Digitally Connecting the Total Asset Journey of FPSOs

February 07, 2024
SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia and Cognite
The FPSO coalition of SLB, Rockwell, Sensia, and Cognite has introduced an open approach for digitally connecting the total asset journey, from reservoir to topside, to continually maximize value, minimize environmental impact, and create a new level of performance for FPSOs. This integration of collaboration and digitalization will shape the future of FPSO performance. How? In this webcast, FPSO coalition experts will be providing insight into the “how”: through leveraging automation technologies for enhanced operational efficiency and harnessing digitalization to drive decision making for asset optimization, as well as understanding the key factors and considerations in vessel automation and digitalization implementation.

Optimizing Fracturing Operations: Enhancing Production and Capital Efficiency with Active Frac Guidance

January 24, 2024
Drill2Frac, ShearFRAC, Corva
Join us for an innovative collaboration between ShearFRAC, Drill2Frac, and Corva, designed to revolutionize your completion operations through data-driven solutions. The journey to enhanced capital efficiency begins with Drill2Frac’s characterization of the lateral, providing a solid foundation for proactively developing an optimized completion strategy for the actual well drilled. During the stimulation treatment, ShearFRAC will showcase how pressure responses are continuously monitored, enabling real-time recommendations for operational adjustments. This process ensures that your operations remain responsive and adaptable, leading to improved performance. These processes are made possible through Corva's cloud-based data capture and analytics platform. This technology fusion paves the way for accelerated production recovery, minimizes fracture-driven interactions, reduces completion costs, and lessens the environmental footprint of your operations. We will equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to harness the power of data and analytics, empowering you to enhance capital efficiency across the entire completion value chain.

Unveiling Secure Controllers for Efficient and Automated Operations

November 16, 2023
Baker Hughes
Artificial Lift secure controllers are revolutionizing and shaping the future of the oil and gas industry by enhancing operational efficiency and automation. Discover the cutting-edge advancements and immense potential of secure controllers, while also conducting a thorough gap analysis for field automation. Furthermore, gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical IT cybersecurity requirements associated with these controllers.

Integrating AI and Rig Automation to consistently drive high-performance drilling efficiency across operations

September 06, 2023
Corva and Nabors Industries
Discover how Nabors Industries and Corva are transforming the drilling industry with data and automation in this exclusive webinar. Nabors Industries is a global leader in drilling and rig services, and Corva is a pioneer in real-time drilling analytics. Together, they have developed cutting-edge solutions to optimize drilling performance, enhance safety, and reduce environmental impact. In this webinar, you will learn about the current trends, challenges and opportunities in the global oil market, and how Corva and Nabors can help you achieve your drilling goals with data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Collaboration and Digitalization will Shape the Future of FPSO Performance

June 28, 2023
SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, Cognite
The FPSO market is seeing an unprecedented amount of investment in new and refurbished vessels. And while the industry traditionally adopts a conservative approach to change, a new paradigm is needed to allow new technologies and expertise from multiple companies to come together to evolve the performance of FPSOs. This panel discussion brings together an industry coalition to discuss how a digital approach to the design, build, integration and operation of these vessels will give operators better visibility into their operations, increase reliability and predictability, and assure equipment uptime and performance.

Accurate Wellbore Positioning Using WellDefined Automated Survey Solutions

December 07, 2022
Join our expert, Mahmoud ElGizawy, to learn how automated survey management solutions can allow operating companies and service providers to access the most advanced directional survey correction algorithms to optimize drilling applications in real-time by providing accurate wellbore positioning data. This allows timely correction to the wellbore trajectory without requiring additional tools or onsite personnel. The automated survey solutions maximize reservoir production by accurately placing the well in the planned spot while avoiding collision with other wells in close proximity.

Automate your frac pad with TechnipFMC’s iComplete™ CyberFrac™

September 29, 2022
TechnipFMC’s iComplete™ CyberFrac™ system is a fully digital and automated platform for controlling equipment operations during hydraulic fracturing through app-based configurability. In this webcast, John Eden will explain how this system enables well site managers and their teams to follow approved procedures and establish sitewide operational awareness through the Digital Handshake™ while reducing manual errors. John will also be joined by Tara West and Kelly McFadgen from Marathon Oil Corporation to offer customer testimonial to how CyberFrac has provided versatility and flexibility to their frac pads and the improvement they have seen firsthand after implementing the system within their Bakken asset.

How to Take Advantage of a Highly Integrated Process Control and Edge Control Platform

September 06, 2022
Rockwell Automation and Sensia
Integration of edge computers with real-time process control data is important for users who want to implement analysis and advanced data processing in the field. Traditionally, edge computers are a separate device that must be integrated with controllers and flow computers. Custom applications can be run on the edge computer that will allow for highly advanced real-time analysis of the field measurements, however building an edge environment and integrating data can be a non-trivial task. Similarly, selecting the right edge platform requires deep knowledge of security, application, and communication requirements. Sensia provides a new perspective for those wanting to implement edge computing with their real time control systems. We will discuss and show examples of what a highly integrated edge and control environment can look like and how it creates new options for how you manage and plan your automation projects.

Improving Safety by Digitizing Field Workflows

August 11, 2022
Deskless workers play a significant role in supporting and maintaining distributed upstream operations. Many field operators record inspection rounds and maintenance activities using pen and paper, and then manually update that data to a computer when they return to the office. This tedious, manual approach is error prone, and aggregation of data is a challenge, slowing the ability to detect technical issues early to prevent equipment downtime and unsafe situations. It makes compliance with growing regulations more difficult, and it impacts employee productivity and safety in the field. Utilization of digital tools transforms the deskless worker by providing access to real-time information where it’s needed to perform the prescribed tasks competently, efficiently, and safely. Standardized digital processes and access to remote experts help to increase process efficiency and minimize errors, and enable smart, data-driven decisions to enhance worker performance and safety. A case study will be presented to demonstrate digitized workflows in an upstream application. Learn how: -Automating best practices can ensure consistency and compliance -Mobile applications and on-demand information help improve efficiency and safety -Implementation options allow for choice between SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid deployment -Digitized workflows can ensure that safety is the number one priority

The Next Level of Digitalization – Connect Everything to Everyone

July 21, 2022
Rockwell Automation and Sensia
Moving your disconnected operations to a digitalized and automated environment isn’t a single, major event. It can be broken down into steps, each of which adds value in its own right, but leads in a clear direction towards a more productive, efficient destination. Avalon is an open platform-as-a-service that integrates easily with your existing IT/OT investment – unlocking the hidden potential of your existing assets, it puts you on the path toward full digitalization. Learn more how Avalon will allow you to visualize and control all aspects of your Oil & Gas operation by collecting the right data and contextualizing it into real-time actionable intelligence for making more informed decisions.

Reducing Drilling Rig Power Emissions with Schlumberger’s Intelligent Power Management

May 26, 2022
Intelligent power managements aims to eliminate rig power emissions using a technology portfolio comprising automated software, energy storage, and hydrogen. It is a predictive power management system that reduces emissions, fuel consumption, and engine run time on the rig. Schlumberger successfully deploys these fuel- and emissions-saving technologies on rigs to enhance current diesel technologies, and will integrate emissions-free power production through the use of fuel cells. Intelligent power management is another part of the Schlumberger Transition Technologies* portfolio of solutions that help minimize the well construction CO2 footprint.

Production facilities can instantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and flaring with TechnipFMC’s E-Mission™

May 19, 2022
E-Mission™ is the next level of optimization for production facilities. This technology helps your facilities to maximize value through a first-principles approach to calculate the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) values on location and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this webcast, Bill Melton and Sander Baaren will be detailing how TechnipFMC’s E-Mission™ utilizes process automation, existing instrumentation and machine learning to monitor and control vapor pressure in real-time. By re-evaluating how and where we want to apply or remove heat, and lower pressure, we can optimize the system based on the changing conditions of the well and weather to reduce emissions and increase oil throughput. Find out more about how E-Mission™ can be used in greenfield and brownfield applications regardless of facility design.

How to Achieve Enterprise-Scale Innovation in Energy: A real-world study on the impact of digitalization

April 28, 2022
Rapid advances towards achieving our decarbonization responsibility in energy, while delivering the enormous productivity gains required to keep up with substantial growth in the world economy this decade, face the innovation dilemma—how do you achieve meaningful innovation at enterprise-scale? Join Schlumberger, Director, Corporate Strategy & Marketing, Amit Singh, as he presents real-world solutions to the energy dual challenge, with examples of highly-successful deployments of digital technology that harness data and AI to deliver automation for customers around the globe. Amit will show how Schlumberger is leveraging industry-wide collaboration and partnership to deliver low carbon operations while driving a sustainable future.

Learn How Using ConnectedProduction Lift Surveillance’s Real Time AI Response Prioritization Technology Reduces Downtime and Deferred Production

March 24, 2022
Sensia Automation and Rockwell
Automatically prioritize wells by the criticality of their real-time operational condition with ConnectedProduction Lift Surveillance’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software. It’s easy to deploy and available in both cloud (SaaS) and on-prem architectures to fit into your organization today, regardless of size, scale, or level of digitalization. Created by combining technologies from trusted industry leaders Schlumberger Technology and Rockwell Automation, you can rest assured the software will continue to grow and adapt for years to come.

The New Era of Surface Logging: Digital, Automated and Sustainable

March 03, 2022
Mud gas and cuttings analysis remains at today the only direct measurement of, respectively, the reservoir fluid and rock, until a PVT sample and a core are available for laboratory analysis. Surface logging data is an attractive solution for the client to take real-time decisions as they are available while drilling, on a continuous basis and at relatively low cost. Nowadays the accuracy and quality of the surface logging data has reached a level comparable to more sophisticated downhole tools thanks to the technological evolution, processes automation and innovative digital workflows. In this presentation we will describe how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models and ground-breaking algorithms permit a more quantitative and objective approach to determine lithology classification, enhance the accuracy of the mud gas data even in extreme drilling conditions and enable predicting fluid properties while drilling.
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