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A new, game-changing process converts gas to liquids or to ethylene

The new process avoids the expensive syngas step in Fischer-Tropsch conversion.

Downhole sensors optimize gas lift

Downhole gauge and reverse gas lift valves solve a major problem.

Evolutionary algorithms deliver promising results to gas lift optimization problems

A 243 bopd increase is seen in computer simulation.

Low-power capacitive deionization method shows promise for treating coalbed methane produced water

Small-footprint technology is shown to be effective.

Shuttle tankers vs. pipelines in the GOM frontier

FPSO developments could create a shuttle tanker service market.

Simulation models provide asset-wide production optimization

Models enhance production at existing operations.

Super-insulating packer fluid minimizes flow assurance concerns

Testing an insulating packer fluid to retain production-tubing heat after shut-in.

What's new in artificial lift

Part 1—Sucker rod pumping, progressing cavity pumping and gas lift.

Fast-track delivery of pipeline section

Under an extremely tight deadline, High-Frequency Induction (HFI) steel linepipe provided a high-quality, cost-effective replacement for a corroded pipeline section in the North Sea for Apache.

Metal PCP field trial increases pumping window

In Canada, Joslyn Field hot heavy-oil production improves with long-lasting pump technology.

Norway: StatoilHydro aims to boost production on Norwegian shelf and increase competitiveness internationally, company exec says

Interview, Tore Torvund, executive vice president for E&P at StatoilHydro

Toward compact separation of crude oil

Electrostatic coalescers in oil/water separators improve heavy oil testing methods.

Using wet gas meters on the Independence Hub to optimize production

Roxar combines continuous, accurate measurement, saltwater detection and materials resilient in deep water to provide flow assurance and optimize production for Anadarko.

Well optimization through downhole water control

Wireline tractor tools offer increased capabilities beyond conventional intervention methods.

What's new in production

Jetting takes a new turn

Oilwell testing in a GOM long-distance subsea tieback

Combining several operations limits production losses at King and King West Fields.

What's new in production

Biosurfactants at work

Drilling fluids and waste management developments expose challenges of advancing technology

Successfully navigating regulatory barriers allows synthetic-based mud to enhance deepwater production.

Deep Panuke first gas in 2010

Vol. 228 No. 11   NOVA SCOTIA CANADA: THE NEXT PLAY Deep Panuke first gas in 2010 In October 2007, EnCana’s Board of Directors sancti

Sable Offshore Energy Project reaches peak production

Vol. 228 No. 11   NOVA SCOTIA CANADA: THE NEXT PLAY Sable Offshore Energy Project reaches peak production A half-billion dollar

Engineering portals add significant value to E&P project delivery capabilities

A portal approach enables information sharing among globally spread E&P project stakeholders.