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A new, game-changing process converts gas to liquids or to ethylene

The new process avoids the expensive syngas step in Fischer-Tropsch conversion.

Downhole sensors optimize gas lift

Downhole gauge and reverse gas lift valves solve a major problem.

Low-power capacitive deionization method shows promise for treating coalbed methane produced water

Small-footprint technology is shown to be effective.

OTC 2008 will focus on changes in technology and the workforce

Deepwater drilling, LNG designs featured.

Seep-hunting in deepwater for prospectivity assessment

Multibeam echosounders and seismic data detect seeps, enhancing exploration.

Shuttle tankers vs. pipelines in the GOM frontier

FPSO developments could create a shuttle tanker service market.

Super-insulating packer fluid minimizes flow assurance concerns

Testing an insulating packer fluid to retain production-tubing heat after shut-in.

Metal PCP field trial increases pumping window

In Canada, Joslyn Field hot heavy-oil production improves with long-lasting pump technology.

Using wet gas meters on the Independence Hub to optimize production

Roxar combines continuous, accurate measurement, saltwater detection and materials resilient in deep water to provide flow assurance and optimize production for Anadarko.

Drilling advances

New technology

Editorial comment

The problem with nature

What's new in exploration

Winners curse: The end of exploration for ExxonMobil?

Extreme drilling pushes RSS application to a new Alaskan limit

The new tool helped StatoilHydro place a long horizontal section in a thin reservoir.

Oilwell testing in a GOM long-distance subsea tieback

Combining several operations limits production losses at King and King West Fields.

Real-time rig-activity detection helps identify and minimize invisible lost time

Automatic rig-activity detection yields cost and time savings on both deepwater and land wells.

... And I say to myself, what a wonderful world (at least for now anyway)

When one considers $90 oil, $8 gas, two consecutive, non-eventful hurricane seasons and dropping service prices, it is difficult for independents playing in the GOM to say many bad things about 2007.

Energy security and America

Energy security is a front-of-mind issue for the people of the world.

Law of the Sea Convention membership vital to US energy market

Last month, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17-4 in favor of US ratification of the Law of the Sea Convention.

New Rig Designs: Rack and pinion design enables rig to perform extended-reach laterals at shallow depths

Horizontal Well Drillers (HWD) has deployed its second-generation drilling rig this October.

New Rig Designs: Skidding rigs for pad drill sites

IDM’s new QUICKSKID Rigs are integrated AC drilling systems designed with a focus on pad drilling locations with multiple wellheads

Oil prices driving companies to invest in new Barnett Shale-like plays

Oil prices are again one of the hottest topics in our industry today.