Deepwater/Subsea Innovations: Advances in technology to support a growth market

December 07, 2023
Sponsored by: World Oil, Petroleum Economist, DES and MCEDD
The deepwater/subsea market is in the early days of a long-duration upcycle, as operators seek to replenish baseload, low-decline-rate oil and gas production. In pursuing this goal, operators are seeking to further improve efficiencies and economics, so technical innovation remains crucial. This e-book collection of recent World Oil articles reflects advances in various deepwater/subsea categories, including tie-back engineering, casing drilling, well delivery, subsea umbilical installation, improved FPSO performance, deepwater MPD operations and riser life extension, among others.

Drilling Innovations: Advances in technology for a new era in drilling

January 30, 2023
Sponsored by: Abaco Drilling, Oil States, Parker Wellbore
In response to the needs of operators globally for greater efficiencies and cost-savings, advances in drilling technology continue to be made. In addition, drilling contractors and operators are embracing the digital transformation and ESG considerations in their drilling projects. This e-book collection of recent articles in World Oil reflects advances in a number of drilling categories. Some of these include hybrid drilling, improved logging, autonomous drilling, real-time operational centers, intelligence-driven PDC bit designs, BHA selection and centralized data capture.

Carbon Intel eBook: Low Carbon Solutions for the Energy Industry

October 19, 2022
Sponsored by: Gulf Energy Information
The Carbon Intel Forum presents the Carbon Intel eBook, a hand-picked collection of expert articles exploring carbon reduction technologies in the energy industry. The forum will feature information from the largest and most innovative players in global CCUS, with a special focus on applied and emerging CCUS and carbon reduction technologies required to achieve net-zero. Download the eBook today for a preview of low-carbon articles from the energy industry's top media.

E-Frac: Technologies and innovations that advance the upstream industry

July 28, 2022
Sponsored by: GeoDynamics, Joliet Electric, MTU
In their continued efforts to improve completion efficiencies while addressing ESG issues (including emissions) and intrusive governmental oversight, operators today are embracing electrically powered hydraulic fracturing (e-frac) solutions. These systems reduce fuel costs, cut emissions and improved operational reliability. The latter point includes much-longer service life for various pressure pumping components. This e-book contains a selection of articles that exemplify and discuss this significant operational trend.

Electrification: Technologies and innovations that advance the upstream industry

June 30, 2022
Sponsored by: Schlumberger and Schneider Electric
The upstream industry initially examined oilfield electrification to obtain greater operational efficiencies. But now, it is also a means to reduce emissions. Accordingly, the industry has developed new methods that include electrification of various drilling functions and onshore and offshore production, as well as better electric motors for frac pumps, electrification of subsea systems and electro-optical technology for CT well interventions. This e-book contains recent technical articles that represent these technologies, as well as others.
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