Formation Evaluation for a Sustainable Future

May 10, 2024
Sponsored by: AspenTech
Formation evaluation plays an essential role in helping decision makers locate and evaluate suitable geological formations for sustainable resource utilization, as well as predict and mitigate potential environmental impacts. Techniques such as seismic imaging and well logging can be repurposed to assess subsurface conditions for sustainability projects like geothermal energy and CCS. Understanding subsurface geology and fluid dynamics is crucial for the development and operation of these projects, to expand renewable energy sources and store captured CO2. By providing accurate data about subsurface conditions, formation evaluation enables informed decision-making regarding natural resource utilization, promoting sustainability and responsible stewardship of resources.

Upgrade Your System with Tank Gauging Emulation

June 04, 2024
Sponsored by: Emerson
Do you experience operational inefficiency and high maintenance costs with your Tank Gauging System? Our Tank Gauging Emulation offers a smooth, step by step, cost-effective upgrade using reliable radar level gauges with minimal disruption and no large investment. Experience the benefits of improved accuracy, safety, and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Learn more how you can enhance your operational efficiency with Emulation.

Exploring GEN AI in Oil and Gas: Practical Perspectives from Industry Applications

June 19, 2024
Sponsored by: Weatherford, DeepIQ, AWS
Join Weatherford, DeepIQ, and AWS for an enlightening panel discussion where industry leaders, data scientists, and technology providers come together to explore the transformative potential of Generative AI in the Oil & Gas industry. The panel will delve into topics such as: -Understanding how Generative AI is reshaping the industry landscape. -Valuable insights from real-world applications. -Exploring applications in SCADA management, production and drilling domains. -Navigating Trust, Security, and Compliance in the Era of Gen AI Don't miss this opportunity to peer into the future of Oil & Gas with cutting-edge AI.

Carbon Circle’s Approach to Scaling Up Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

June 20, 2024
Sponsored by: AspenTech
Join experts from Carbon Circle, an EPC specialist in carbon removal and energy transition solutions, to hear how they are improving the economics, execution and scale-up of their projects—including energy-from-waste (EfW) with integrated CCS. They’ll discuss the challenges of scaling carbon capture solutions and how they are overcoming them with the help of AspenTech solutions. During this webinar, you will learn how Carbon Circle is: • Designing cost-effective carbon capture facilities that prioritize energy reduction • Reducing the costs associated with carbon capture via modularization and other strategies • Understanding and improving carbon capture through rigorous modeling of advanced solvents and the total system In addition, experts from AspenTech will highlight the advantage of the rate-based distillation method for carbon capture modeling. Register today!
World Oil's Deep Dive podcast brings you to the forefront of the oil industry's technological advancements, featuring detailed discussions with leading technology experts. Dive deep into the industry's innovations, trends, and challenges, with insights from the minds driving progress and transformation. We prioritize the latest technological developments to keep you informed and ahead.

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