The Reservoir

The Reservoir: Current Production, Reserves Replacement, Carbon Capture and the Energy Transition A discussion with subject matter experts on the future of energy. We discuss geopolitics, economics and the technology that's enabling us to chart a new path to providing the world's energy needs.

Reservoir Reflections: Navigating Energy Transitions & Production Strategies

Jim Watkins joins Ryan Chapman & Hunter Holtshopple as they delve into the dynamic world of energy, economics, and technology on The Reservoir. In the season wrap-up episode, special guest Rinat Batyrshin joins to reflect on the challenges and strategies for tackling reserve performance. As the energy industry evolves, the panel explores the intersection of traditional oil and gas expertise with the new frontiers of renewable energy, emphasizing the pivotal role of evaluation and technological innovation.

Advancements in Carbon Capture and Storage: Monitoring and Reservoir Suitability

In this podcast episode, the team discusses the latest developments in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, focusing on the crucial aspects of monitoring and reservoir suitability with Farid Hamichi, SLB's Global Product Manager for Geology and Geophysics and CCS subsurface technologies.

Farid highlights the importance of real-time monitoring to detect any leaks or potential issues, emphasizing the need to get it right the first time to ensure the safety and effectiveness of CCS projects. The conversation delves into the extensive experience and domain capabilities of SLB, offering a unique advantage in the CCS technology race. The experts also emphasize the significance of simulation software and the integration of various data to provide comprehensive solutions for CCS projects. With the commitment of SLB as a whole, the discussion reveals the dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Well Interventions: Problem Solving for a More Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry

In this episode, I speak with Matthew Billingham, the Intervention Technical Director and Courtney Payne the Marketing Communications Manager, Reservoir Performance Stimulation from SLB. We discuss the reasons why well interventions are crucial, including their lower cost compared to drilling new wells and the opportunity to use existing infrastructure. The conversation emphasizes the problem-solving aspect of interventions, making it an enjoyable and engaging area for engineers.

Matt also highlights the need for improvement in the industry, such as digitization, digital workflows, and the use of smart BHAs (bottom hole assemblies) to increase the robustness of interventions. Furthermore, they mention the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships with other technology providers to act as an integrator and offer comprehensive solutions to customers.

Infrastructure Led Exploration with Peter Schlicht – How Geology and Reservoir Dynamics Work Together

Peter Schlicht is the Geology Technical Director for the Reservoir Performance division. He joints the team from Brazil, where he shares more on infrastructure-led exploration from a geological perspective. He breaks down this complex topic into a digestible discussion – and how the geology is more than just rock type. Stay tuned until the end for a special sneak peek of his role as Core Counselor.

Live from HFTC 2023 - Maximizing Reservoir Stimulation: The Role of Technology in Efficiency  

Paul Hosein, the Stimulation Business Line Director at SLB, joins The Reservoir team at HFTC. We discuss how technology allows operators to achieve full lateral coverage and maximize stimulation operations. We also discuss how stimulation is critical in reserve replacements, gas plays, and proving to be a valuable tool for the industry.

Infrastructure-Led Exploration, Ora, and Forging a Lower Carbon Future

In this episode, Li Dan and Ashers Partouche join to discuss reservoir testing technology and its part in infrastructure-led exploration. Li Dan shares her thoughts on accelerated production, and how SLB is delivering insights from data in days, instead of months. The discussion dovetails into the impact this has on oil and gas as well as carbon capture and storage and new energy applications with the revolutionary Ora, intelligent wireline testing platform.

Live from ADIPEC

On October 24th, Schlumberger became SLB, a Technology Company Driving the Future of Energy. The SLB team showcased the new identity at ADIPEC 2022, which was abuzz with excitement about the future.

Join Jim and Hunter as they have an open conversation about the company's new focus and future while gaining a feel for the excitement on the event floor. The episode is followed by actual SLB employees' perspectives on what this change means for them as they start their careers at SLB.

How Fiber-Optic Technology Illuminates the Reservoir While Lowering Costs and Carbon Footprint

In this episode of The Reservoir, we welcome Nick Fundytus, fiber optics program manager at SLB. He and the team discuss how fiber-optic and digital processing technologies enable more efficient and sustainable operations and why fiber is the measurement of the future.

Note: This episode was recorded before Schlumberger changed its name to SLB.

Energy Security, Exploration Trends and the technologies that make it happen

We continue discussing reserves replacement with Mohamed El-Toukhy the Global Chief Explorationist at Schlumberger. After a fantastic overview of what's happening with exploration around the world, we start to get into the technologies instrumental in increasing the number of commercially successful greenfield finds.

Reserves Replacement - How will we supply our future energy needs?

This episode focuses on the alarming fact that globally we are consuming our oil reserves twice as fast as we are finding new reserves. We discuss the reasons why and what we can do about it with Ryan Chapman and Gunjan Khatri from Reservoir Performance at Schlumberger. 

Season 1 Preview

Hunter and Jim discuss this new podcast series that will cover current oil production, oil reserve replacement, carbon capture and the energy transition. 

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