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World Oil's Deep Dive podcast brings you to the forefront of the oil industry's technological advancements, featuring detailed discussions with leading technology experts. Dive deep into the industry's innovations, trends, and challenges, with insights from the minds driving progress and transformation. We prioritize the latest technological developments to keep you informed and ahead.

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Enhancing Industry Standards with Smart Meter Verification

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, we chat with Lonna Dickenson, Product Line Director for Ultrasonic Meters at Emerson. Lonna discusses the integration of smart meter verification to enhance ultrasonic meters, making them easier to use and more efficient. Join us as we explore how Emerson is leading the way in meter technology and simplifying complex processes for the industry.For more information on Rosemount Ultrasonic meters, visit

EWTC’s Role in Energy Innovation and Annual Meeting Sneak Peek

Tune in to this episode of World Oil Deep Dive as we explore the significant impact of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (EWTC) on the energy sector. Molly Determan and Tim Tarpley highlight how EWTC supports industry best practices, leadership development, and robust advocacy for energy service and equipment companies. They also give us a preview of the upcoming annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, discussing topics like market trends and AI in energy. Learn how EWTC’s initiatives in workforce development and policy advocacy are driving innovation and unity in the energy industry.

Breaking New Ground in Oilfield Technology with Oil States and GEODynamics

In this week's episode, recorded live from HFTC, we delve into the cutting-edge advancements shaking up the oil and gas industry. Join us as Patrick McKeever and Zach Wade, from Oil States and Geodynamics respectively, unveil their latest innovations aimed at revolutionizing efficiency and safety in oilfield operations. From Oil States' groundbreaking Active Seat Gate Valve and its move towards automation with the ACTIVEHub platform, to GEODynamics' introduction of a new family of precision and flexible perforating equipment, learn how these technologies are setting new standards for operational excellence.

Harnessing Automation for Enhanced Oilfield Safety and Productivity

Tune in as Tracy Gray and Bob Duncan from Intelligent Wellhead Systems share their expertise on leveraging automation for safer, more efficient oil and gas operations. Recorded live at HFTC 2024, this episode highlights the significant impact of technological advancements on the future of energy production.

Maximizing Present Value by Mastering Longer Laterals

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, Erik Block of Extract Production unveils how their artificial lift solutions, including the revolutionary XSIZE software and the game-changing Integrated Gas Processor (IGP), are reshaping production strategies in the oil sector. Listeners will gain insights into the economic and operational benefits of advanced drilling techniques, the significance of Extract Production's acquisition by NOV for global reach, and a peek into the future of oil extraction technologies.

Setting new standards with API's Kevin Ferrick

Join us in this episode where we sit down with Kevin Ferrick, Senior Director of API Monogram/APIQR, to discuss the updates to API's quality management standards. Kevin walks us through his career and the pivotal changes in the 10th edition of API Specification Q1, including the broadened scope for registration and the shift towards digital documentation. This episode offers an essential overview for professionals in the oil and gas sector on how these standards aim to enhance product reliability, efficiency, and safety across the industry.

Revolutionizing Fracking: Conversations from HFTC 2024

In this episode recorded during HFTC 2024, Jim Watkins sits down with leaders from Python Holdings, Sewert Supply, and GD Energy Products. Learn about Python's strategic industry moves, Sewert's expansion into repair services, and how GD's Jenson Kerr is navigating his career in high-pressure pump sales. This episode offers a peek into the future of energy, combining expert insights with stories of growth and success in the oil and gas industry.

Navigating Talent Acquisition Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, we explore the complexities of talent acquisition in the oil and gas sector with Brent Wiltz and Bryan Miller from Summa. Delving into the nuances of staffing, the duo shares their experiences working with major operators and offers valuable strategies for overcoming common hiring mistakes. Tune in to gain expert advice on aligning company needs with the right talent, optimizing job postings, and the evolving dynamics of the modern workforce.For more information on Summa, visit (

Revolutionizing Hydraulic Fracturing with New Safety and Efficiency Technologies

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, we dive into the latest advancements in hydraulic fracturing technology with experts from Fourm Energy Technologies (FET). They highlight FET's FASTConnect system, flex hoses, and a new crane-enabled pod system designed to enhance operational safety and reduce rig-up time. Discover how these innovations are setting new standards in well stimulation and offering significant cost savings and operational benefits to the oil and gas industry.

Innovating Frac Operations: Insights from ProFrac's Director of Engineering

Join us as Corey Donaldson, Director of Engineering at ProFrac Services, shares insights into the technological advancements and operational efficiencies shaping the future of hydraulic fracturing. In this episode, Donaldson discusses ProFrac's approach to overcoming industry challenges, from reservoir analysis to pump schedule design, and unveils a groundbreaking customer portal set to revolutionize data transparency and decision-making for oil and gas clients. Tune in to discover how ProFrac is leading the charge in optimizing frac operations and setting new standards in the sector.

Navigating the Future: Key Takeaways from the World Oil Forecast Breakfast 2024

In this World Oil Deep Dive, we feature a segment from the World Oil Forecast Breakfast held in Houston, capturing the 98th annual review of global E&P activity. Dr. Ken Medlock, a distinguished fellow in energy and resource economics at the Baker Institute, shares his unique perspective on energy forecasting. Delving into the complexities of global energy trends, Dr. Medlock emphasizes the critical role of geographical context in shaping energy policies and forecasts. He also challenges common narratives about the decline of oil, presenting data-driven insights into the resilient demand for hydrocarbons across different regions. This episode offers a deep dive into the evolving dynamics of the energy sector, spotlighting the importance of nuanced, data-informed discussions in navigating the future of energy.

ATCE 2023 Live: Innovations and Insights in Energy - Part 2

Dive into Part 2 of our special ATCE 2023 live series, where we continue exploring groundbreaking advancements in the oil and gas sector. This episode features dynamic conversations with industry leaders from Abaco Drilling Technologies, QuantumPro, SLB, and NexTier, discussing their latest technological innovations and market trends. From advanced elastomer technologies to cutting-edge production monitoring, get firsthand insights into the industry's future. Don't miss these exclusive interviews, highlighting the transformative developments shaping energy today. Catch up with Part 1 for the complete ATCE 2023 experience.

Deepwater Dynamics: Flow Assurance & Sustainability in the Gulf

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, join host Jim Watkins as he engages with industry experts, Ashley Hunt from Clariant and Rocky Robbins from QuarterNorth Energy, in a detailed discussion on the evolving landscape of deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Ashley, with her extensive background in upstream production chemicals, and Rocky, with his rich experience in operations and business development, delve into the complexities and innovations in flow assurance and the significant role of sustainable chemical practices in deepwater exploration.This episode offers valuable insights for industry professionals, engineers, and anyone interested in the interplay between energy production, environmental stewardship, and technological innovation in one of the world's most vital oil production regions. Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current trends, challenges, and future prospects of deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

ATCE 2023 Live: Revolutionizing Oil & Gas Technologies - Part 1

Join us in the first part of a two-part series live from ATCE 2023. Host Jim Watkins engages with top industry experts in a dynamic discussion about the latest breakthroughs in the oil and gas sector. This episode delves into cutting-edge developments in well isolation, extended reach drilling, and innovative perforating techniques. Uncover the latest in automation, decarbonization efforts, and other technologies paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable energy industry. Don't miss these exclusive insights and forward-thinking strategies that are transforming the oil and gas landscape. Stay tuned for more in Part 2!

Future of Fracking: Live from NexTier's Open House

In this episode we bring you an exclusive look into the future of fracking, recorded live at the NexTier Oilfield Solutions open house event. Ben Dickinson, Vice President of Strategy and Digital Development at NexTier, showcases NexTier's groundbreaking advancements in oilfield technology, emphasizing automation and simplification at the wellsite. We explore the innovative APEX wet sand system, a new paradigm in sand delivery, and discuss the highly efficient, fully electric blender that significantly reduces manual intervention.

Energizing Tomorrow: Pioneering Frac Tech and Sustainable Strategies

Join us as we sit down with industry experts Chris Combs and John Fleming from Grizzly Manufacturing to explore cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of fracking. From the shift towards electric frack technology to significant fuel savings and environmental impacts, this episode offers a deep dive into the industry's response to changing market demands and ESG considerations. Tune in for an enlightening conversation at the Blend Bar, where innovation meets real-world application in the dynamic field of oil and gas.

A better, cleaner and safer approach to stimulate geothermal reservoirs

Dive into the future of geothermal energy with Ahmed Zakaria, Senior Global Product Line Manager at Baker Hughes, as he unveils ThermaStim. This novel acid stimulation technology, designed for geothermal wells, transforms from neutral to acidic within the earth, targeting deep-set scale deposits efficiently and safely. ThermaStim not only enhances well productivity but also significantly reduces environmental risks and carbon footprint. Join us for an insightful exploration of how ThermaStim is reshaping geothermal energy extraction.

Navigating Fugitive Emissions and Industry Standards in Oil & Gas

In this insightful episode, we delve into the critical topic of fugitive emissions in the oil and gas industry with our guest, Mike Aughenbaugh, Associate Target Market Manager at Swagelok. Mike shares his expertise on market trends, best practices for reducing emissions, and the impact of evolving industry standards. He discusses the challenges and solutions in fluid system component applications, highlighting the significance of comprehensive protocols and training programs. Tune in to understand how these developments are shaping the future of environmental sustainability in oil and gas operations.

How to sidetrack three times faster and cut rig time in half with the X-treme™ WindowMaster™ whipstock system

Explore the revolutionary X-treme™ WindowMaster™ whipstock system in our latest podcast episode, featuring Rawk Bashi, Global Product Line Manager for Casing Exits at Baker Hughes. Rawk unravels the system's unique features, from enhanced operational efficiency to significant reductions in carbon emissions, showcasing its impact on the future of oil and gas drilling. Tune in for an in-depth look at this game-changing advancement in well intervention.

Electrifying Change in Oil & Gas: Daniel Energy Partners BBQ Series

Dive into the future of oil and gas with Dave Bosco, VP of Business Development at Accelerated Mobile Power, in our latest episode from the Daniel Energy Partners BBQ series. Uncover how AMP is revolutionizing power delivery in the industry, tackling electrification, and leading with innovative solutions. Gain insights into market trends, the impact of technology on operations, and strategic approaches to business challenges. This episode is a must-listen for industry professionals seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of energy.

Innovations in Oilfield Tech: Insights from Daniel Energy Partners BBQ

Explore the forefront of oilfield innovation in this special episode of the World Oil Deep Dive podcast, featuring a collection of enlightening interviews from the Daniel Energy Partners BBQ. Hear from industry leaders as they discuss cutting-edge advancements in oilfield technologies, from enhancing equipment efficiency to eco-friendly solutions. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the latest trends and developments shaping the oil and gas industry.

Casing and cement evaluation on drillpipe for real-time, single-run savings

Join us in this episode of the World Oil Deep Dive as we delve into the world of oil and gas technologies with Baker Hughes' experts. Hear from Andy Hawthorn, Global Solutions Manager for Smart Services, and Gbenga Osunjaye, Global Product Line Manager, as they discuss groundbreaking developments in casing and cementing evaluation using drillpipe technology. This episode offers a deep dive into how these innovations are transforming wellbore integrity and efficiency in the industry.

New subsea safety system set to unlock millions in suspended reserves

In this episode of World Oil Deep Dive, we sit down with Adam Manlandro, the Global Product Line Manager for Safety Systems at Baker Hughes, to delve into the groundbreaking technology behind the REACH™ Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve. Adam highlights the valve's role in enhancing offshore well safety and efficiency, marking a significant advancement in the industry's approach to deepwater well interventions and safety protocols. Don't miss this insightful conversation with an industry expert.

The FPSO Coalition: Accelerate and De-risk the FPSO Project Cycle

This week's episode is cross-release of a recent episode from The FPSO Coalition Podcast. Join Kiona Y. Meade in conversation with industry experts Greg Trostel, Global Business Development Manager of Floating Production at Rockwell Automation, and Jim Keogh, Global Product Manager for SLB. Together, they explore strategies for accelerating FPSO project cycles, de-risking operations, and ensuring sustainability.Learn how early engagement, digital solutions, and strategic partnerships play crucial roles in shaping the future of FPSO projects. Gain valuable insights from Greg and Jim as they discuss their experiences and the importance of setting clear goals for the industry's advancement. Don't miss this dynamic discussion that's shaping the FPSO landscape.

Optimizing Oil & Gas Operations with APEX Multi-Well Controller

Join us in this episode of World Oil Deep Dive as we delve into the innovative APEX Multi-Well Controller from Flowco Production Systems. Our guest, Dean Lehner, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Flowco, discusses how this advanced technology leverages artificial intelligence to optimize operations for oil and gas operators. Discover how this controller can automate and enhance production, significantly reducing the need for human intervention. Learn about the flexibility, remote features, and compatibility of this system, making it a game-changer for the industry. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation about the future of oil and gas operations.For more information on the APEX multi-well controller, please visit (

Innovations in Oil & Gas: Award Finalists Showcase

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Gulf Energy Information Excellence Awards finalist reception, where we meet the finalists of cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing the oil and gas industry. From predictive drilling to pipeline integrity solutions, these innovations are shaping the future of energy. Hear from the visionary minds behind these groundbreaking technologies and learn how they are driving sustainability, safety, and efficiency in the industry. Don't miss this exciting glimpse into the world of award-winning advancements that are propelling the oil and gas sector forward.For more information on the Gulf Energy Information Excellence awards, please visit

Unlocking the Future of Carbon Capture: Integrated CO2 Transportation and Injection

Tune in to this captivating episode of World Oil Deep Dive, featuring a clip from a recent World Oil webcast. Join industry leaders Charlie Weakly from TechnipFMC's New Energy Division and Glenn Wilson from Halliburton's Pinnacle service as they delve into integrated carbon dioxide transportation and injection solutions. Discover the challenges, technologies, and economic considerations shaping the carbon capture and storage industry, and learn how system integration can unlock client value.For access to the entire webcast, please visit ( upcoming and recorded webinars can be found at (

Fueling the Future: The State of U.S. Oil Production

In this week's episode of World Oil Deep Dive, we delve into the August issue of World Oil magazine's First Oil column by Kurt Abraham. While many may take for granted the role of oil production in our daily lives, this episode uncovers the crucial facts about the U.S. oil industry and its impact on the economy. Drawing on a recent report by USA Facts, a nonpartisan organization, we learn that domestic energy production in the U.S. has reached unprecedented levels, with crude oil production more than doubling between 2011 and 2022.Discover which states are leading the charge in oil production and how hydraulic fracturing has revolutionized the industry. From consumption statistics to exciting discoveries both onshore and offshore, this episode provides a comprehensive overview of the U.S. oil landscape. Join us as we explore the vital role of oil production and its implications for the future.For more information, visit (

Foam Cementing: Mitigating risk with millions of microscopic bubbles

In this episode we explore the evolution of foam cementing in the oil and gas industry with Shailesh Dighe, Product Line Director of Cementing Services at Baker Hughes. Discover insights into the technology's resurgence, its role in zonal isolation and sustainability, and Baker Hughes' innovative approaches for safer and more efficient operations.For more information, please visit (

Energizing Change: Parker Wellbore's Strategic Journey into New Energy Frontiers

Parker Wellbore, a prominent drilling contractor renowned for its expertise in traditional oil & gas energy sectors, is strategically diversifying its portfolio and evolving. Adapting their specialized drilling expertise to meet the unique requirements of an energy transition showcases Parker Wellbore's forward-thinking and commitment to expanding their business portfolio in alignment with the growing demand for green energy solutions. While a greener future for the industry is promising, the energy transition has presented a unique set of challenges and has demanded innovative problem-solving efforts.

Energy Policy Challenges and Future Forecasts

In this week's episode, we delve into the insights from Kurt Abraham's First Oil column featured in the July issue of World Oil Magazine. The episode sheds light on the critical energy policy issues facing the UK, the impending offshore wind tower shortage in Europe, the vital role of natural gas in the US agricultural sector, and the surprising revival of Stinger missile production impacting global geopolitics. Tune in to gain insights into these pressing energy-related matters and their far-reaching consequences. (

Hot Drives, Electric Worries, and Energy Realities: Navigating the Road Ahead

Join Kurt Abraham as he takes a drive from Houston to College Station, Texas, amidst a scorching heatwave. News updates from ERCOT's voluntary electricity reduction request spark reflections on grid resilience. Examining the potential challenges of transitioning to EVs, we delve into the clash between climate goals and energy demands.

Water Conformance: Improving your hydrocarbon production, while reducing produced water-related costs and emissions

In this episode, Akshaya Singh, Global Product Line Director, Production Enhancement with Baker Hughes, discusses its new approach to solving water challenges by improving oil-to-water ratios during any stage of your well’s lifecycle. We discuss how operators can tackle increasing water production challenges through new state-of-the-art relative permeability modifiers to improve well economics, increase hydrocarbon production, and reduce carbon emissions.

ProFrac's Innovation Journey: Matt Wilks on Revolutionizing the Energy Sector

In this captivating interview, we sit down with Matt Wilks, Executive Chairman at ProFrac Services. Matt shares remarkable insights into ProFrac's journey of innovation and its transformative impact on the energy sector. Through vertical integration and cutting-edge technologies, ProFrac has been solving long-standing industry challenges, such as intermittent turbine performance and grid reliability. Matt delves into the exciting potential of wet sand usage in fracking and how ProFrac ensures top-notch equipment quality and customer satisfaction. Join us as we explore ProFrac's vision for a sustainable and future-ready energy landscape.

Oil States: From Innovative Valve Technology to Floating Wind Solutions

Join the insightful discussion in this podcast episode as World Oil's technical editor, Craig Fleming, and host Jim Watkins interview experts from multiple teams at Oil States International about their cutting-edge valve technology and their foray into the floating wind market. They delve into the value and benefits of Oil States' valve technology, including significant grease reduction and prevention of post-job damage tickets. The conversation then transitions to their latest innovation, the Floating Wind Platform Design (FTLP), aimed at mid-water depths. Discover how Oil States has applied their expertise in tension leg platform (TLP) technology to create a stable and cost-effective solution for the growing floating wind market. The episode also touches on their deep-sea minerals systems and their successful deployment of a sub-sea vacuum cleaner system for harvesting poly-metallic nodules. Don't miss this fascinating exploration of Oil States' diverse portfolio and their contributions to multiple energy sectors.

Revolutionizing FPSO Asset Performance: Unleashing the Power of Unified APM

Join Ben and Pal as they dive into the groundbreaking collaboration between SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, and Cognite, revolutionizing asset performance management (APM) for FPSOs.In this episode, discover how FPSO owners and operators are demanding game-changing solutions to streamline the production process and ensure maximum uptime. The coalition's innovative unified APM not only guarantees uptime but also empowers system optimization through cutting-edge asset and process digital twins.We discuss the strategic implementation of remote and autonomous operations and inspection, providing real-time data to fuel the APM's continuous improvement. Ben and Pal describe the incredible results for FPSOs, including unwavering equipment uptime, optimized system performance, identification of untapped potential, and the ability to maintain their license to operate while achieving exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact. Tune in now for a fascinating exploration of the future of asset performance management in the FPSO industry.

Transforming FPSO Performance: Collaboration, Digital Innovation, and Sustainability

In the first episode of our mini-series on FPSOs, we talk with SLB's Matt Mohajer and Rockwell Automation's Greg Trostel discuss the collaboration between SLB, Rockwell, Sensia, and Cognite to transform FPSO asset design, construction, and operation using digital technologies. The collaboration aims to enhance operational visibility, reliability, and predictability while reducing failures and downtime. The episode explores the market opportunity for digital FPSO evolution, the industry's shift towards openness and collaboration, and strategies for sustainable FPSO development. It also addresses FPSO operators' challenges and how the coalition plans to tackle them.

Innovating Sustainable Solutions for Well Construction

In this episode, we have a conversation with Saurabh Kapoor, the Product Champion for EcoShield at SLB. EcoShield is an innovative cementing solution designed to enhance the durability of oil and gas wells while minimizing carbon emissions. Saurabh shares insights into the development of EcoShield, including the rigorous lab and field testing it underwent, and explores its potential for various applications. Join us as we delve into the remarkable features and advantages of EcoShield, representing SLB's commitment to sustainable practices.

Data Analytics and Engineered Solutions in Hydraulic Fracturing - Live at HFTC

In this episode, recorded live at HFTC 2023, Jim Watkins talks with Cam Hornor and Jesse Street from Universal Pressure Pumping. We discuss the importance of creative problem solving at the wellsite, specifically in pressure pumping. They explain how their team analyzes data from frac and cementing jobs to identify anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and provide insight to customers. Cam and Jesse share specific examples of how they have helped customers improve their operations and achieve better results. We also discuss the importance of building strong relationships with their E&P partners, including by providing additional services and resources beyond what is expected.

A conversation with the President of Universal Pressure Pumping at HFTC

In this episode of World Oil's Deep Dive podcast, Akshay Sagar, President of Universal Pressure Pumping (UPP), discusses the company's innovative technique of remote simultaneous fracturing, which allows two wells located at a distance from each other to be fracked simultaneously using a single fleet of equipment. Sagar explains how UPP's solution engineering team worked with Matador Resources to optimize the process and bring production forward by 20 days, while reducing HSE risks and saving costs.

Live from the Oilfield Electrification Technology Conference

In this episode, we talk with attendees, speakers, and key players at the Oilfield Electrification Technology Conference to learn about critical new technologies and trends in oilfield electrification. The technologies and presentations at this conference show a strong trend toward electrifying oilfield operations. 

Live from Women's Global Leadership Conference 2022

In this episode, we take you to the 18th Annual Women's Global Leadership Conference. WGLC focuses on discussing the industry’s key environmental, economic, professional development, and human capital issues. We talk with speakers and attendees to find out what makes this event so important and why WGLC is the largest women's event in the energy industry.

Live from ADIPEC 2022

We take you to the UAE for the world's largest energy conference and exhibition; ADIPEC, hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). If you missed ADIPEC this year, you'll want to listen to this episode as we talk with exhibitors about their latest technology and discuss why ADIPEC has become the most important energy conference in the world. 

Live from the 2022 World Oil Awards

We go behind the scenes at the 2022 World Oil Awards, the annual industry gala to recognize those companies and individuals whose technology drives our industry. We speak with some of the finalists about their technology; we even talk to one of the judges about how the submissions are judged. At the afterparty, we speak with some of the very excited winners. 

Live from the 2022 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

We have exciting conversations with SandX, H&P, SLB, Abaco, and Rockwater about their latest technology and thoughts about the newest edition of the ATCE. At ATCE, you hear from international speakers on the strategies needed to maintain business continuity and the guiding principles to remain competitive. In addition, industry influencers will discuss topics such as net-zero transition, post-pandemic business models and strategies, accelerating the uptake of new technology applications, funding future projects, energy mix collaboration, and more.

Live from the Carbon Intel Forum 2022

We drop in on the first-ever Carbon Intel Forum (CIF) to talk with speakers and exhibitors from global CCUS players, focusing on applied and emerging CCUS and carbon reduction technologies required to achieve net zero. Find out what Chevron New Energies, Siemens, SLB, and others are doing in the carbon capture space.

Automating your oil and gas production process

A conversation with Paul Mahoney the President of Production & Automation Technology at ChampionX about the current advantages operators get from automating their production processes. We look at how technological advances are making automation accessible to small and midsize operators. Lastly, we discuss the holy grail of automation, a fully autonomous production process. Spoiler: We're closer than you think.

Live from the International Perforating Symposium (IPS) 2022

This episode is for those of you interested in perforating but who didn't get a chance to attend the IPS 2022 in Galveston, TX. This is the first year back as an in-person event since the pandemic began! We meet and talk with various members of the International Perforating Forum who are involved with organizing the IPS each year as well as exhibitors at the event.

Additive manufacturing for the oil and gas industry

Is additive manufacturing the solution to supply chain issues? What barriers keep us from 3D printing machine parts for the oilfield? Join us for a discussion with two of ConocoPhillips' additive manufacturing experts, Carlo De Bernardi and Enzo Savino; We as discuss the current state of additive manufacturing in Oil & Gas and how the API is working with SMEs to develop 3D printing standards for our industry. 

The Future of Optimization: A holistic approach for bigger benefits

We talk with Yanling Wu, the Product Marketing Leader from Honeywell Connected Industrial, about optimization's future. We discuss case studies highlighting how Honeywell is helping companies in their journey to autonomous operation—resulting in accelerated time-to-value and self-sustaining benefits.  Go deeper: questions and feedback to deepdive@worldoil.comVisit for more useful technical articles and up-to-the-minute news on the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry.

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