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Advanced depth processing of ocean bottom station data

Application of OBS tools to node data in a workflow enhances interpretation.

OTC 2008 will focus on changes in technology and the workforce

Deepwater drilling, LNG designs featured.

Shuttle tankers vs. pipelines in the GOM frontier

FPSO developments could create a shuttle tanker service market.

Simulation models provide asset-wide production optimization

Models enhance production at existing operations.

Super-insulating packer fluid minimizes flow assurance concerns

Testing an insulating packer fluid to retain production-tubing heat after shut-in.

The Convention on the Law of the Sea: Why the critics are wrong

To date, 155 countries and the European Community have joined in the Convention. The United States has signed the treaty, but the Senate has not ratified it.

Using 4C seismic data to improve prospect appraisal: A case study from offshore Trinidad

Problems with gas occlusion, fault shadows and shear wave splitting were overcome.

Aquaterra installs its first Sea Swift platform

The conductor-supported platform improves developments and can be installed by standard jackup rigs, eliminating the need for more costly installation vessels.

Chocking technology facilitates underwater repair program on North Sea platform

The subsea method has the ability protects effectively against conductor damage.

Downhole tool, designed to deploy sand screens in ERD wells, saves Opex, reduces risk and improves operational efficiency

Single-tool technology bypasses the use of drill collars while increasing available surface weight.

Fast-track delivery of pipeline section

Under an extremely tight deadline, High-Frequency Induction (HFI) steel linepipe provided a high-quality, cost-effective replacement for a corroded pipeline section in the North Sea for Apache.

Norway: StatoilHydro aims to boost production on Norwegian shelf and increase competitiveness internationally, company exec says

Interview, Tore Torvund, executive vice president for E&P at StatoilHydro

Remedial Offshore builds new vessel type

Hybid combines the best of liftboats, jackups and liftbarges.

Using cone penetration tests to differentiate between gas hydrates and carbonate concretions in the Niger Delta

Seismic data alone shows high P-wave values for gas hydrates and concretions, creating a need for other tests to characterize anomalies in the ocean floor.

Using wet gas meters on the Independence Hub to optimize production

Roxar combines continuous, accurate measurement, saltwater detection and materials resilient in deep water to provide flow assurance and optimize production for Anadarko.

Well optimization through downhole water control

Wireline tractor tools offer increased capabilities beyond conventional intervention methods.

Casing while drilling results in safer drilling, larger wellbores in Lake Maracaibo

Three days and more than $96,000 were saved when drilling the surface section.

Oilwell testing in a GOM long-distance subsea tieback

Combining several operations limits production losses at King and King West Fields.

New Rig Designs: Shell and Frontier joint venture to build the “Bully" drillship

Shell and Frontier will build and roll out a new drillship concept, known as the “Bully” rig.

Newbuild Report: High oil prices continue to fuel the offshore rig construction boom

Semisubmersible demand is strong, but jackup owners face a more challenging environment.

Rig Floor Equipment: Logan Oil Tools' power swivel with offshore package designed for workover and fishing operations

The newly engineered PS120 is a hydraulic motor-driven, 120-ton power swivel that provides shock-free torque.