March 2015
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New products and services

New products and services
Steven McGinn / World Oil

Testing system checks security on iron roughneck operations

Pason Systems offers a tester that will check the integrity of an iron roughneck. It is temperature-compensated with strain gauge technology, making it reliable and stable for long periods. The testing measurement is accurate, with an error rate less than 1% of full load. The measuring range can be customized, in units of ft-lb or N-m. The kit includes an application for display on a PC, with a converter and a USB cable.

Hydrostatic tester checks drill, production or casing pipe 

The Gardner Denver Black Diamond Hydrostatic Tester accurately evaluates the integrity of drill, production or casing pipe, and is ideal for pipe-yard testing, BOP testing and assisting in hydraulic fracturing operations. The tester is available in portable diesel or electric version, 75-to-100-HP packages, with options to fit the application or the geography. The Black Diamond can be mounted permanently to a skid, or a gooseneck trailer, and can be completely self-sustained with one, or two, 225-gallon stainless-steel tanks. Three different fluid-end configurations deliver 8,000 psi at 18 gpm, or 40,000 psi at 3.5 gpm. With Gardner Denver’s Pressure-Trol System, a single operator can control pressure, and redirect flow, with a lever and rotary knob, without having to disengage the clutch or stop the engine.

Hydraulic system recovers stuck pipes  

Churchill Drilling Tools has launched the HyPR (Hydraulic Pipe Recovery) system for the recovery of stuck pipe. The HyPR system consists of a full-strength sub, positioned in the drillstring. The HyPR tool comes in a range of sizes, and connections, to suit any drillstring configuration, and is compatible with a wide range of drilling jars. The system contains no explosives, or high energy sources, and no specialist equipment, or personnel, are required.

Expandable liner hanger system ideal for lengthy applications 

Halliburton has introduced the VersaFlex XtremeGrip expandable liner hanger system, ideal for deepwater and offshore applications, and wherever long liners are deployed. This high-performance, advanced metal sealing technology provides a fully compliant metal seal, with a fully bonded, resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing. It can provide an ISO 14310 V0-tested, gas-tight seal on setting, and is capable of handling temperatures above 350°F. The hanger and running tool are assembled together, and form an intrinsic pack-off, which minimizes downhole tool components and potential leak paths while cementing. The standard tool setup offers wash-down capabilities, and rotation capabilities without bearings, and simultaneously allows for reciprocation of the liner. Once the cement has been placed, and the tool actuates the expansion process, the hanger is set to offer bi-directional load capabilities and provide a gas-tight, liner-top seal, which eliminates remedial liner-top squeeze jobs after setting.

Software maps out marine operations 

Cambla has launched the Schedule Animation Tool (S.A.T) software for subsea operations. S.A.T. provides an accurate visual representation of a vessel’s location and planned activities, and offers operators clarity on simultaneous operations, and construction sequences. The software can plan global subsea and marine operations, and is capable of identifying occasions when vessels are required to be in close proximity to other vessels or installations. It also can generate a list of relevant simultaneous operations, or close-approach risk assessments, that are required to be carried out in advance.

Latest run for BigFoot toe sleeve deemed successful

PetroQuip Energy Services’ BigFoot toe sleeve was run successfully in a recent horizontal completion for an independent operator in the Anadarko basin. Eight days after the toe sleeve was installed, and cemented, the operator rigged up to test the casing with a test pressure of 9,500 psi, and then bled it down to 0 psi. The first casing test was successful, so the operator chose to cycle through the remaining casing test chambers by pressuring up to 8,500 psi, then bleeding to 0 psi. The sleeve was opened during the final cycle at 4,600 psi. The operator pumped into the formation, with an injection rate of 11.5 bpm, at 7,200 psi, with a total of 150 bbl injected before shutting down.

Software simplifies environmental compliance

ACS Engineering’s Matrics compliance software offers full implementation of a company’s site-specific, environmental requirements, including non-scheduled items. The system allows users to get results while controlling their own programs for air, water, waste and safety. It is user-friendly, formats tasks into routine checklists, and auto-updates all requirements by tracking regulatory changes daily, adding the newest ones for user review.

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