September 2015
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New products and services

New products and services
Emily Querubin / World Oil

Rotary-steerable system facilitates drilling in challenging environments

Weatherford International has commercially released its Revolution rotary-steerable system (RSS). With advanced sensors and telemetry, the system gives operators a reliable method for drilling, from vertical to horizontal, in a single run. It allows operators to drill in HPHT zones with temperatures exceeding 300°F, allowing operators to produce wells in increasingly challenging environments. The system is equipped with drilling control in long laterals, high-angle curves and parallel vertical sections. The system’s point-the-bit design and real-time geological control enable operators to drill in unconventional fields, HPHT environments, deepwater fields, damaged and underbalanced formations, and brown fields.

Geoscience system maximizes recovery, reduces cycle time

LMKR announces the release of GeoGraphix 2015, a geoscience system that offers edge mapping, well and field planning, and 3D visualization. The system reduces cycle time through direct integration between domains. It improves accuracy of interpretation by leveraging seismic to provide inter-well detail, and to improve directional drilling using lightweight web geosteering. The system unveils the big picture of a reservoir in 3D, enabling a multi-domain, integrated workflow updated in 3D space in real time.

Advancement in oil field inspection

Laserstream, LP, a service company that specializes in ID inspection, is now exclusively supplying the patented Bore Erosion Measurement & Inspection System (BEMIS). This technology, developed by Laser Techniques Company, LLC (LTC), was first produced for use on projects with NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense to measure and inspect equipment within the defense and aerospace sectors. Laserstream is now the first service company to supply this technology to the oil and gas industry. Each unit and software package is custom-built by LTC engineers, and delivered to the pipe. The company’s inspection services include inspections of tubing for defects, subsea jumpers for corrosion and pitting, and joints for wall loss and weld defects.

Monitoring and control system optimizes chemical injection

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry offers the Chemical Injection Monitoring and Control System, which monitors, controls and optimizes the chemical injection process to provide a measured chemical dosing rate. It also delivers diagnostic information to measure pump performance and operating status. The system automatically calibrates and monitors pump operation to maintain a specified injection rate. It also provides operational visibility into monitoring conditions at the injection site, and verifies and records that chemical injection is working to specifications. Users have the ability to remotely monitor and control parameters and conditions at the injection site from either a local RTU/SCADA system or through a central service.

Flow meters provide fast, accurate diagnostics

Cameron has introduced a new series of Coriolis flow meters. The CamCor series meters can handle many hydrocarbon production and processing applications, but are specifically suited for monitoring separator outlets near wellheads, crude oil custody transfer operations, plants and pipelines delivering refined products and specialty gases, low-flow applications and high viscosity fluids, such as crude oil and adhesives. In addition to reliable measurement technology, the meter uses special algorithms to detect pipeline vibration and media pulsation to offer more accurate diagnostics. It provides operators with instant feedback on flow meter functionality and measurement conditions, as well.

Refracturing service predicts recovery rate of reserves

Halliburton has launched ACTIVATE, a new refracturing service that leverages subsurface insight, expertise and diversion technology to recover bypassed reserves from unconventional wells more predictably. According to Halliburton, operators have seen an average 80% increase in EUR per well, a 66% reduction in cost per BOE from refractured wells compared to new wells, and potentially a 25% increase in the oil recovery factor with a balanced portfolio.

Eco-friendly lubricant reduces torque and drag

ViChem Specialty Products, LLC has developed Pipe Pro, a lubricant additive specifically for clear water and coiled tubing operations. Environmentally friendly and non-DOT regulated, it was formulated with a high affinity for coating metal surfaces to reduce torque and drag by decreasing friction. The additive has been field tested in numerous independent CT service companies, and is being used in several installations in the Eagle Ford shale and Permian basin. It is available in soluble and low-pour-point formulations.

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