February 2019
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Electric remotely operated vehicle drives cost efficiencies in subsea

Forum’s XLe Spirit is the first observation-class ROV to utilize the company’s Integrated Control Engine (ICE) to bring greater functionality that is normally only found in larger work-class vehicles. The eROV incorporates regulated propulsion power, optimized thruster orientation and location, accurate thruster speed control and a wide range of auto-functions for positioning and flying. The advanced control electronics enable superior connectivity and expansion capabilities when compared with other ROVs on the market. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors, using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.


Sensor monitor tool increases safety around wellheads

C-Kore Systems’ new subsea testing tool, the C-Kore Sensor Monitor, can be used in decommissioning, fault-finding and construction campaigns to provide feedback from subsea sensors, such as wellhead pressures and temperatures, even when a subsea datalink is not available. The tool allows for fast, automated reading, and supports an extensive range of pressure, temperature, positional and other sensors. In addition, it does not require any subsea infrastructure or downlines to operate.


Downhole steam injection valve helps maximize economic recovery

Pragma Well Technology has been given the green light by Pharis Energy and the Oil and Gas Technology Center to manufacture, and prototype test their Downhole Steam Injection Valve (DSIV), following a successful feasibility study. The surface-controlled DSIV will be the first steam injection valve available on the market to meet UK safety regulations. The valve will be rated to withstand the extreme downhole conditions required for continuous high-pressure steam injection, and will operate at temperatures of up to 343°C. Pharis will use the DSIV valves during phased development of the pilot field in United Kingdom Continental Shelf Block 21/27a.


3D hydraulic fracturing software offers cloud-based solution

StimPlan is NSI Technologies’ complete and integrated software solution for hydraulic fracture design, analysis and optimization. With a comprehensive integrated toolkit, and the industry’s most rigorous geometry models, the software helps operators maximize well performance while lowering expenditure time and reducing environmental footprints.


Safety apparel offers comfort in rugged environments

The Targo FR Foul Weather Bomber and Bib, offered by National Safety Apparel, features 7 oz., 2-layer GORE-TEX PYRAD fabric that meets gas Probe Shirley Method 138:2000, in addition to other safety standards. The apparel is 100% waterproof and windproof, and resists cold cracking in low temperatures. Lightweight and fast drying, the personal protective equipment resists hot liquid and steam, and petroleum and oil-based mud.


Improved injected water conformance optimizes oil production

Tendeka’s FloFuse can increase oil recovery by improving injected water conformance in fractured reservoirs or by ensuring effective placement of matrix stimulation acids. When installed across a segmented wellbore, the technology autonomously chokes back injection into thief zones or large fractures that dominate the outflow profile, and ensures effective injection into the rock matrix or fracture structure. The dynamic and reversible operation of the valve makes
it suitable for applications, where the permeability contrasts change over time.


Innovative scintillator-based technology provides accurate, reliable measurements

Tracerco has launched Hyperion, a non-contact, no-moving-parts measurement solution that provides bulk level and density measurements, ensuring that vibrations or dust settling have no impact on its operation. Externally mounted, eliminating possible leak paths, this robust device is not affected by high pressures, extreme temperatures, fouling or corrosive fluids. Housed in 316L stainless steel, the tool is highly ruggedized, and includes internal sealing to safeguard against water ingress.


Hydraulic sleeve enables maximum casing pressure test before stimulation

The Packers Plus Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve is designed to enable a maximum casing pressure test before activating the sleeve for stimulation operations. While pressure test and stimulation have been combined into one tool, the mechanisms for each procedure are separate. During field trials, 4.5-in. and 5.5-in. versions of the sleeve combined for successful installation and operation in more than 50 wells across North America. Among these installations was a well in the Eaglebine formation in East Texas where the operator conducted a 30-min. pressure test at 11,450 psi, and then came back a week later to begin stimulation operations.


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