January 2019
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Hardide Coatings has developed the Hardide CVD (chemical vapor deposition), a coating solution that extends weather windows for drilling operations.
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Solution for new tool extends weather windows for drilling 

Hardide Coatings has developed the Hardide CVD (chemical vapor deposition), a coating solution that extends weather windows for drilling operations. Most recently, the tungsten carbide-based coating was used as a key component of the new ArticuLock tool that removes bending fatigue in subsea running tools and landing strings.


Automated flammable gas sensor improves safety, lowers cost

NevadaNano’s MPS Flammable Gas Sensor is the first gas sensor of its type that can accurately detect, quantify and classify a broad array of flammable or explosive gases, using a single calibration. In addition, it also can measure the concentration of flammable and combustible gas mixtures, and it can classify detected gases and mixtures into hydrogen, methane or light/medium/heavy gas. 


Stepper motor operates in hazardous locations 

Applied Motion Product’s HX56-100 hazardous location stepper motor is the first of its kind to be commercially-available and internationally-certified for use in hazardous locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.  It features ATEX and IECEx certifications for Class 1, Zone 1 locations, UL-Listed for Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D locations and type 4X and IP66 rated enclosure. This motor is specifically designed for use with the STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive, the first and only step motor drive internationally certified for use in hazardous locations.


Reservoir engineering suite offers reduced cycle times

Emerson has released Roxar Tempest 8.3, its integrated reservoir engineering suite that offers tools for advanced reservoir management and flow simulation. The tool provides increased compatibility with industry-standard reservoir simulators, enabling users to run third-party simulation datasets, such as ECLIPSE models, with minimal changes. Additionally, algorithmic consistency in the product suite ensures that the volumes and reserves estimates are preserved when using third-party simulation decks. This compatibility enables the easy embedding of simulation workflows and models within Big Loop, which links static uncertainties and flow parameters to ensure that constraints are honored when matching production. Simulator-region creation, analysis and exporting are user-friendly.


Analog output sensor offers meter readings via Bluetooth 

AW-Lake Company’s FAC-S analog output sensor hardwires with any flow meter to provide voltage, current or Bluetooth connectivity of readings for download to a PLC or other control system. The microprocessor-based sensor supports process monitoring, data acquisition and signal conditioning, and from a smart phone.


Software enhances 3D data visualization 

Golden Software has enhanced the visualization capabilities in version 16 of its Surfer gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping package. Geologists, environmental consultants and geospatial professionals will find it easier to model their data sets, apply an array of advanced analytics tools and graphically communicate the results in ways that anyone can understand. 


Hermetically-sealed, spring-loaded LVDTs perform in harsh, industrial applications 

NewTek’s gage head LVDTs are ideal for environments requiring a reliable and rugged sensor.  With near-infinite resolution and excellent repeatability, these spring-loaded LVDTs are ideal for quality testing and gaging, with several customization options available. Designed with a stainless-steel probe assembly, these sensors operate in dirt, water, vibration and temperature ranges of –65° to 220°F, while providing highly accurate position measurement to +0.25% of full-scale output. 


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