Issue: November 2019

Special Focus

Detecting and recovering oil from flowback and produced water

A new SWD system, integrated with innovative oil-in-water monitoring technology, can maximize recovery rates and increase per-barrel profits.

“Water, water everywhere….

Every barrel of Texas crude oil produced yields over 6.5 bbl of water with it. As oil production has risen, managing massive volumes of produced water is ever more challenging. A new Texas Alliance of Energy Producers white paper tackles the issue, to ensure that future energy development is not constrained by water issues.

The art of a water midstream deal

There are principles presented in Art of the Deal that can be applied to the growth of the water midstream. The acquisition of Sabalo’s water infrastructure by HéO Midstream applies these principles.

Innovative solution for cold-temperature paraffin wax control

Paraffin accumulation in cold temperatures can require costly intervention to recover lost tools used to clean out wax buildup. A new micro-dispersion technology offers a cost-effective solution for wax mitigation in temperatures down to –50°C.

Field lab on Alaska’s North Slope will validate polymer floods for heavy oil EOR

In an ongoing effort to optimize shale development, the U.S. DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has installed seven play-specific field laboratories to evaluate formations and technologies to enhance efficiencies in shale procedures and production. Nine more field labs are scheduled for installation.

Full steam ahead for new OCD usage in SAGD

A newly developed outflow control device for steam injection was introduced successfully during a field trial for heavy oil production in Alberta, Canada.

Versatile DP flow metering technology solves redesign challenges on offshore platform project

Re-opening a platform design project previously mothballed during the oil and gas industry downturn presented flow metering challenges. DP provided the answers.

Unconventionals enter an execution and efficiency phase

The unconventional revolution transformed the U.S. into the top hydrocarbon producer globally, fundamentally changing the global energy and political landscape. The production growth over the past decade contributes >$200 billion of incremental annual revenue to the U.S. economy.

Regional Report: The Arctic

Dancing on melting ice

Automation results in significant completion efficiency gains in Delaware

A plug-and-perf completion system increases stages per day to cut time on location and lower well costs.

Greater transparency would benefit users of type curves in unconventional formations

Improved disclosure of how type curves are created in shale basins will increase user understanding of the quality and reliability of these estimates, to make better-informed decisions.

Evolution of digital twins for floating production systems

Digital twin technology provides most of the information required for a complete integrity management program, greatly improving the ability to operate and maintain floating production systems.

First oil

Adding up China’s numbers

What's new in exploration

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

Drilling advances

On overload and big brother

What's new in production

What to do with CO₂

Oil and gas in the capitals

South China Sea military tension escalates, risks to E&P heightened

Water management

Perseverance and legacy

Executive viewpoint

Digital transformation holds the key to addressing global energy challenges

The last barrel

Between a rock and a hard place
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