Issue: February 2020

Special Focus

Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - U.S. Drilling

U.S. on a downward trajectory as shale industry matures

Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - International Drilling and Production

Improved offshore activity, coupled with significant conventional oil development programs operated by NOCs, should push drilling marginally higher in 2020.

Special Focus: 2020 Forecast - Washington Outlook

While attention is focused on the national elections, there are ominous policies gestating at the state and local government levels.

2020 Forecast - Canadian E&P

Canada re-adjusts to low prices, limited access

2020 Forecast - U.S. oil and gas production

U.S. crude output surges, overproduction wallops gas prices

2020 Forecast - U.S. reserves

U.S. reserves reach new record-high

2020 Forecast - U.S. rotary rig count

Spending discipline slows drilling activity in shale plays

2020 Forecast - E&P spending

Global capex to grow moderately, but less than last year

The last barrel

Sustainability: Are we moving too fast?

Oil and gas in the capitals

Oil, government change and a Chinese virus…

Drilling advances

The silly season

Editorial advisors' perspective

OFS technology: The driver of energy transition

Executive viewpoint

In an era of low oil prices, how do we break even?

What's new in production

Optimizing perforation cluster efficiency

What's new in exploration

2020—Had enough yet?

First oil

A mixed outlook seen for global upstream industry

Adjustable smart-bit increases durability and ROP during drilling operations

As wellbores and drilling operations have become more complex, drill bit development must keep pace to meet increasingly difficult performance requirements.

Gyro-while-drilling technology improves drilling efficiency and well placement

In today’s environment, the need to expedite wellbore construction has been supplanted by the requirement to drill boreholes more intelligently. A real-time wellbore guidance technology offers operators and service companies a means of improving precision and accuracy in wellbore placement.

ShaleTech: Marcellus-Utica shales

Capital discipline reining in rigs, production

Innovative strategy increases profitability of ultra-deepwater fields

To solve complex issues related to developing deepwater reserves in the GOM, a common-sense approach utilizing appropriate technology enables operators to profitably capture critical dynamic reservoir data and increase ultimate recovery.

Regional Report: Brazil

Short-term gains; long-term questions

Overcoming small organic barriers could reap larger oil recoveries in shale reservoirs

Researchers at Texas A&M University have found that the presence of a fossilized organic substance called kerogen plays a vital role in how easily carbon dioxide can travel through shale reservoirs.
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