January 2020
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Anti-foul coating protects subsea infrastructure

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Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd. is launching a new anti-foul coating for the oil and gas industry. Foul can create severe drag and add significant stress to tethers and anchorage points. Yet, the new Coppercoat-Commercial coating contains extremely high levels of copper and a natural anti-microbial agent, which protects subsea infrastructure against layers of plant, animal and microbe growth. According to Aquarius, it ensures that underwater infrastructure maintains a satisfactory performance level, contributes to the integrity of structures, and helps to reduce maintenance costs. The coating, which meets environmental and safety standards, reportedly can be applied equally to any subsea structure, to enhance the longevity and efficiency of both fixed and floating platforms.


IIoT-enabled monitoring service optimizes flowmeter performance

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Emerson has released an IIoT-enabled connected service to support multi-phase flowmeters in unconventional shale. The Roxar 2600 Multi-phase Flow Meter Performance Monitoring service provides operators with actionable recommendations to optimize meter performance and enable proactive maintenance, based on advanced, continuous data collected from an onsite multi-phase flowmeter and analyzed remotely by Emerson’s experts. It reportedly offers solutions for well testing, unmanned wellhead platforms, production metering, wellhead monitoring and shale oil applications. Using next-generation network technology, experts can remotely deliver advanced diagnostics, data interpretation and reporting from the multi-phase flowmeters on a regular schedule.


Portable pump solutions increase operational performance with enhanced safety

SPX Flow has introduced a series of portable pump solutions. The PA60 (air-hydraulic) and PE45 (electric-hydraulic) Infinity Stage Pumps are designed to increase oil flow to tools and achieve bolting activity faster and more easily. The design reportedly increases efficiency by providing continuous pressure at up to twice the speed of standard two-stage pumps. It can power up to four separate tools simultaneously, with an easily adjustable pressure regulator valve, through a fixed 103-bar retract relief valve. This substantially increases operational performance with enhanced safety. Likewise, the company’s hydraulic ‘P Series’ hand pumps offer a robust solution, with all metal construction, that won’t burn through in hot-work environments. They are designed for fast, easy operation using two speeds, reducing handle strokes frequency and effort. The pumps are available in a range of models with features to match application needs, such as increased oil volume for use with larger or longer stroke cylinders; link design to reduce handle effort; strong lever for tough applications; and leak-free designs.


Sand control system simultaneously performs clean-out, installation

Tendeka has released a new single-trip sand control solution. The Filtrex remedial sand control system provides the flexibility to be installed thru-tubing, through the tightest of restrictions. The system can perform sand clean-out while installing the tool. With an open-cell reticulated depth filler, the tool is run in hole compressed. Once set, the filler expands into the casing or failed screen, filling the annular gap. The filtration is fully protected during deployment and will not be exposed until it reaches the correct position, according to the company. It retains sand while allowing fluid flow through the depth filtration media. Once set, the tool reportedly requires no further intervention. Filtrex prevents the need to perform a full workover and is the industry’s only tool that can perform a sand clean-out and install a permanent solution simultaneously, preventing multiple trips.


Production optimization platform standardizes views of SCADA, artificial lift feeds

OspreyData is introducing a component of its production optimization platform as a stand-alone offering, aimed to consolidate views of SCADA and artificial lift feeds in producing oil and gas wells. The Unified Monitor solution enables centralized collection and surveillance from a combined view of all production, regardless of SCADA source, lift type or pump manufacturer. Standardizing the view with integrated analytics provides immediate benefits to the production and operations team. With shorter time to implement the power of full machine learning, and faster time to value, the new solution can stand alone or be fully integrated to the company’s advanced analytics, providing a complete AI platform for production optimization. According to the company, the platform scales for small operators, large independents and supermajors, alike.


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