March 2020
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New fluid monitor detects lube oil degradation

MAN Energy Solutions has launched a new system that enables the active monitoring of degradation and contamination of lube oil, protecting industrial assets. The MAN Fluid Monitor immediately detects even the smallest anomalies in the lube-oil systems of four-stroke engines, turbomachinery and auxiliary equipment. Using alarms and stop recommendations, the fluid monitor alerts operators as soon as it detects a degradation in lube-oil quality, thereby revealing minor wear of mechanical parts. This allows operators to anticipate maintenance, protect major components and identify part-wear before breakdown. According to the company, the solution has recorded over 18,000 test hours on pilot industrial sites and complies with CE standards. It also has been certified by Bureau Veritas marine applications.

Unconventional well test data “retriever” enhances reservoir understanding

Halliburton has introduced an unconventional well testing and fracture interaction monitoring technology that acquires real-time well data without the need for intervention. This reduces costs and improves fracture understanding for greater recovery. The SPIDRlive Self-Powered Intelligent Data Retriever combines quartz-based hardware and exclusive modeling software to capture high-resolution, high-accuracy and high-frequency data from the wellhead, without running any downhole equipment. In unconventional wells, operators can acquire data to optimize fracture design or perform an engineered flowback to improve well performance. Likewise, in multiple wells, operators can utilize the streaming capability for remote monitoring of fracture interactions in offset wells. 

Cathodic protection system safeguards underground and underwater structures

Farwest Corrosion Control Company has released the Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System, which makes cathodic protection cable connections to above-and below-ground steel structures. According to the company, it was designed for easy use, reliability and adaptability for even the most challenging applications. A self-contained toolkit with battery pack and accessory options, the Electrobraze reportedly features stainless steel construction and a low-maintenance track record.

New polypropylene blend engineered for flow assurance in deep water

Tenaris has launched a new coating, with an innovative multi-layer solid system that has the reliability of polypropylene. Designed for deep and ultra-deepwater environments, TenCoat Marine Deep is a high-performance polypropylene blend, based on a coating system engineered for flow assurance. It is comprised of single-component layers, which lead to a more reliable industrial application process. According to Tenaris, it has lower thermal conductivity; higher density, combined with lower coating thicknesses required, which guarantees seabed stability; specific heat characteristic typical of polypropylene for extended cool-down time; full solid material, ensuring stability of thermal properties in time and unlimited depth installation; elastomer presence for excellent ductility at low temperature and safer installation in cold climate conditions; and low brittleness temperature and high flexibility. It also is compatible with all systems developed for polypropylene-based thermal insulation systems. 

Data platforms help operators to optimize resources

Westwood Global Energy Group has introduced two new data platforms for offshore oil and gas operators. SubseaLogix and PlatformLogix facilitate efficient analysis by leveraging the company’s independent data and commercial advisory service. Each has been designed to help users maximize the power of connected data and optimize their resources. SubseaLogix delivers a unique service specifically for the identification and assessment of global subsea fields, as well as their associated equipment. Likewise, PlatformLogix allows users to explore the installed base of fixed platforms or track current and future FPS deployments using specifications and contract data to identify new opportunities for their product or services. 

New STIM system enhances intervention capabilities

Trendsetter has expanded its systems inventory to include a second Subsea Tree Injection Manifold (STIM). The STIM-II is a chief solution for live well acid stimulation and abandonment, as well as hydrate and flowline remediation operations. It features a pressure rating of 15,000 psi, flowrates in excess of 12 bpm and a water depth rating of 10,000 ft. According to the company’s V.P. of rentals and services, STIM-II allows it to respond to the aggressive timelines required by operators to maintain well productivity and add value to their bottom line. 

High-speed downhole compressor system increases gas production, recoverable reserves

Upwing Energy has successfully completed a field trial of its Subsurface Compressor System (SCS), a high-speed downhole compressor system that increases gas production and recoverable reserves by decreasing bottomhole flowing pressure and causing higher reservoir drawdown. It carries liquids to the surface by creating higher gas velocities throughout the vertical and horizontal wellbores, preventing vapor condensation by increasing the temperature of the gas when exiting the compressor. According to the company, the first full-scale commercial field trial of the SCS resulted in a 62% increase in gas production and a 50% increase in liquid production over its steady-state performance with a rod pump prior to the SCS installation. This reportedly was the first time that a system comprised of a high-speed permanent magnet motor, magnetic coupling, passive magnetic bearings with electronic dampers and sensorless high-frequency controls has been deployed successfully in a downhole environment.

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