Issue: June 2023

Special Focus: Artificial Lift Advances

Integrating production expertise with digital capabilities drives next-generation autonomous well control solutions

State-of-the-art automation and optimization are being honed by continuous advancements in digital sensors, remote terminal units for wellsite control and physics-based diagnostics software. The next evolutionary step is fully autonomous well control, demonstrated by an initial pilot project on a group of 100 rod lift wells.

Leveraging automation to boost field productivity, enhance operational efficiencies

By leveraging digitalization at scale to transform field production, the industry can reduce cost and carbon intensity per barrel produced while extracting maximum value from existing resources.

Industry’s leading rigless ESP system eliminates costly workovers to improve well economics

Electrical submersible pumping is a proven artificial lift solution for extending production life. However, conventional ESP systems often result in costly workovers and production downtime. By eliminating the need for a rig after initial installation of the permanent completion, operators can reduce costs, carbon footprint and mobilization time, while minimizing deferred oil production.

Prediction of viscosity correction factors for ESP in viscous applications

Using normalized, dimensionless numbers, electric submersible pump performance can be calculated from the water performance at any viscosity and speed. A patented method accurately predicts the pump viscosity correction factors, including flow, head and horsepower, within 5% in the operating range of the pump from the water performance.

New monitoring technology enables operators to verify perforations and troubleshoot more effectively using fewer resources

Operators can gain actionable insight into downhole operations, utilizing an innovative, non-intrusive monitoring system.

Improved production outcomes with minimal capital investment

In all economic conditions, advanced analytics solutions help companies increase operational and business efficiency, empowering their people to get more out of existing assets.

Oil States’ Taylor sees pick-up in OFS business in deepwater and international sectors

With her own firm riding the momentum of two recent OTC Spotlight on Technology winners, Cindy Taylor sees a solid period of business, not only for Oil States International, but for the OFS sector in general.

Energy NL’s Johnson sees continued improvement in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore fortunes

Despite the disappointment caused by Equinor’s decision to postpone the Bay du Nord project, there is much to be optimistic about regarding the province’s offshore activity, says this key player in the region’s industry.

Organic acids offer an alternative acidizing practice for production optimization

While wellbore acidizing has been used for over 100 years to stimulate wells and expand production life, technique improvements have extended the process’ life in parallel. Organic acids have been introduced into wellbore stimulation processes because their delayed reaction capability decreases corrosion rates of steel components and improves well productivity.

Renewable energy technology: Transforming wind farm anchoring with oilfield technology

Many practices and technologies used in the offshore oil industry can be adapted to facilitate a timely, economically feasible energy transition. One example is transforming riserless casing drilling technology into a subsea anchoring system, which decreases the cost of offshore wind electricity by minimizing capital expenses.

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