Issue: April 2024

SPECIAL FOCUS: Offshore technology

Advancing safer deepwater drilling with an integrated managed pressure drilling/wired drill pipe service

A new event detection and management service integrates proven MPD and wired drill pipe technologies for faster detection and resolution of downhole events and safer, more efficient deepwater drilling.

Wellbay innovation supports lower-cost, lower-risk phased approach for HP DW discoveries

Unlocking the promise of America’s Great Lower Tertiary Play by adopting a safer, more profitable dry tree approach.

Taming the red zone with automation

Increasing safety and reducing injuries during drilling is gaining momentum. Automation achieves these goals in the red zone by automating risk-prone, manual tasks. Automated installation of control line clamps has increased rig floor safety. Semi- and fully automated systems will become available commercially later this year.

Solutions for decarbonizing offshore power generation

Reducing reliance on hydrocarbons for power is critical to achieving near- and long-term sustainability targets. Siemens Energy is collaborating with major offshore operators to implement decarbonization strategies for electrification, automation and digitalization. This article highlights successful implementation of technologies at several projects and discusses other promising concepts under development.

OTC recognizes 2024 Spotlight on New Technology® award winners

In late March, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) announced the winners of their 2024 Spotlight on New Technology Award. Per the organization’s announcement, “this esteemed honor is given exclusively to OTC exhibitors who are reshaping the offshore energy sector through their innovation and development of technologies.” Echoing the awards of 2023, 15 technologies were selected for their advancements in the offshore energy sector—five of these are from small companies, a slight decrease from 2023’s seven. 

Custom-made blueprint for optimizing late-life assets

Late-life management of oil and gas assets is a careful balancing act where operators weigh many evolving factors, all while tracking cessation of production and potential options that follow. Mistakes can be costly and developing a tailored asset management strategy is crucial to avoid wasting resources and ensure that assets are maximized.

Dallas Fed: Outlook improves, even as activity little changed; break-even prices increase

Faced with ongoing uncertainties ranging from the fall elections to the global oil market and the LNG “pause,” U.S. producers are holding activity steady.

Executive viewpoint

Ensuring energy security: A call to action for Europe's future

What's new in production?

Water management

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