Issue: May 2024

SPECIAL FOCUS- Well completion technology

The five A’s on the road to completions automation

As fracturing intensity continues, operators are looking for additional ways to increase efficiencies. One such solution is automation in the fracturing process. Accordingly, a platform of digital software controls and hardware enables operators to pursue automation, while executing completions safely and more efficiently.

Extracting resources from the Earth’s crust using multi-stage, fraced horizontal wells: First gas, then oil, now heat

Far too many companies are seemingly holding back on utilizing horizontal wells to access Enhanced Geothermal Systems and risk missing a golden opportunity to extract heat from the Earth’s crust.

Dawn of a new day in completions

A unique collaborative approach to completions management demonstrates how working from a different perspective can optimize operational efficiency and improve well economics.

Embracing automation: Oil and gas operators leverage new operational efficiencies

Wellsite automation can help make oil and gas production smarter, faster, more efficient and safer. The ability to utilize real-time data to make automatic and instantaneous adjustments can produce reductions in the days spent on frac operations and increased wellsite safety.

Stimulating for maximum recovery

As it approaches its 20th anniversary, Stavanger-based Fishbones finds that its stimulation methods are increasingly a regular part of operators’ toolboxes, for improving oil and gas recovery with multi-fold increases in productivity. Various case studies confirm operators’ confidence in these methods.

Explaining sand erosion in oil & gas production

Erosion due to entrained sand is a growing problem, and existing technologies have limitations, but new solutions are available to address this issue.

Can an offshore drilling rig run on green methanol?

A feasibility study for the decarbonization of offshore drilling operations has been conducted. The key will be to utilize well-proven engines capable of operating on methanol and diesel with comparable performance characteristics.

The ESG perspective

The never-ending ESG roller coaster

First oil

Valves for every purpose

What's new in exploration

Exploration excellence (persistence) = Namibia

Drilling advances

Gauging how far drilling and productivity have come
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