Carbon+Intel: Tenaris to reduce carbon footprint with construction of a wind farm in Argentina

February 18, 2022

Tenaris plans to invest $190 million for the construction of a wind farm located in Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The wind park would supply close to 50 percent of Tenaris’s electricity requirements for its Siderca mill in Argentina, reducing CO2 emissions by 152,000 t/yr.

Gonzales Chaves is a favorable location for wind electricity generation and has a projected utilization capacity factor of 58 percent.  This includes 24 turbines (4.2 MW installed power each) generating a total of 509 GWh annual electricity production.

“This is a milestone for Tenaris. Building a wind farm that will provide nearly half of the electric consumption of Siderca is a firm and clear step toward reducing emissions,” said Tenaris Environment Sr Director Carolina Bengochea

The wind farm is expected to become operational in the second half of 2023.

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is one of the critical levers to decrease the carbon footprint in industrial production worldwide, and it is among the pillars of Tenaris’s 2030 plan to cut its emissions intensity. In February 2021, Tenaris announced its plan to reduce 30% of CO2 emitted per ton of steel (vs 2018) by 2030, achieved through the increased use of recycled steel scrap, boosting energy efficiency through investments, and the use of renewable energy.

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