Texas oil and gas regulatory chairman applauds Supreme Court’s rollback of EPA overreach

June 30, 2022

AUSTIN – The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) federal overreach with the Clean Air Act is a win for good government, American energy producers and for hardworking taxpayers who simply need cheap, plentiful and reliable energy, Railroad Commission of Texas Chairman Wayne Christian said.

“SCOTUS is on a roll and continues to get it right – defending the Constitution, protecting states’ rights and ensuring Americans don’t answer to unelected bureaucrats,” said Chairman Christian.

“Environmentalists would have you choose a world between reliable energy and environmental progress – but that is a false choice,” continued Christian. “Oil, natural gas, and coal have lifted people out of poverty, fed the hungry, warmed the cold, healed the sick, and created a more stable world. In fact, mankind is more prepared and safer from climate change than ever before thanks to fossil fuels. SCOTUS’ action today will ensure that – for now – we still live in a country that thrives on the use and production of reliable fossil fuels.”

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