ADIPEC 2023: Jereh solutions accelerate energy industry's sustainable journey

Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co., Ltd. October 05, 2023
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In alignment with the industry trend of focusing on innovative technologies to accelerate decarbonization and the energy transition, Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co., Ltd. showcased its latest products and solutions for the oil and gas industry at ADIPEC 2023.

Low carbon, high intelligence, and enhanced efficiency were among the Jereh highlights at the ADIPEC 2023. Jereh showcased its portfolio of sustainable technologies including oil field equipment, technical services, EPC for upstream and midstream of oil and gas development and production chain, as well as new energy and environment management industries.

Taking place seven weeks before COP28, ADIPEC 2023 aims to tackle the challenges at the cross-section of energy and climate. Regardless of what the world does to limit the rise in global temperatures, climate challenges will lead to an increase in pressure on the industry to find solutions. The oil and gas industry has been working to increase efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint to address rising emissions and become more sustainable.

Since 2011, Jereh has been diversifying its oil and gas equipment to include renewable energy and other low-carbon technologies as power sources. Jereh's Turbine Fracturing Unit, Apollo, which can run on 100% natural gas, can optimize fracturing operations by reducing CO2, NOx. The Jereh electric fleet, including e-frac, electric CTU and electric cementing equipment, has been proven in applications where it can be powered through the grid or a turbine generator. Running on electricity instead of diesel, the fleet will bring a greener, more efficient and economical way for fracturing operations.

Meanwhile, Jereh has delivered more than 1000 gas-boosting projects around the world. By helping communities use natural gas as an alternative to conventional energy sources, the annual emission reduction is equivalent to planting 11.5 million trees.

While remaining at the forefront of the oil and gas industry, Jereh actively explores its possibilities on environment protection. Jereh showcased oily waste treatment solutions as the company’s latest technology in environmental protection. As the main force of the solution, the continuous rotary TDU, equipped with innovative sealing technology and kiln barrel self-cleaning coking technology, can effectively solve problems of coking of high liquid content and high asphaltene materials and ensure effective heat transfer. At present, this equipment has been successfully applied in oil fields and refining plants in China.

By continuously innovating in the energy industry, Jereh showcases its responsibility and leadership in promoting the global decarbonizing process. In 2023, Jereh has been listed in the 2022 Forbes China Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises list.

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