CGG, LightOn partner to support industrial AI development for energy sector

November 12, 2023

(WO) – CGG and LightOn, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, have joined forces under a new contract to leverage CGG's industrial High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. This will enable LightOn to optimally evaluate and test Large Language Models (LLMs) to support the industrial deployment of AI.

LightOn's AI targets industrial applications through the use of their generative AI Paradigm platform, while CGG's outcome-driven, highly optimized and sustainable approach to industrial HPC, based on its proprietary immersion cooling technology and use of 100% renewable energy, is well proven in the energy industry. LightOn can now use CGG's HPC & AI Centre of Excellence to benchmark their LLMs, exploring innovative hardware configurations hosted by CGG to identify the most optimal solution.

"LightOn is at the forefront of innovation in AI, creating from scratch and delivering no less than 12 LLMs," said Laurent Daudet, Co-CEO, LightOn. "We're on a mission to transform business productivity for our clients and revolutionize how companies perceive and use generative AI. Having access to CGG's latest HPC technology will accelerate our evaluation and testing, and ultimately our overall business strategy."

"This collaboration with LightOn reflects CGG’s ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge and energy-efficient AI and HPC solutions with a focus on performance and sustainability," said Agnès Boudot, EVP, HPC & Cloud Solutions, CGG. "Our optimized HPC can help our customers successfully scale their production workloads, including generative AI, while maximizing their return on investment."


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