GD Energy Products upgrades plunger manufacturing facility to improve safety and environmental impact

World Oil Staff February 09, 2023

(WO) — GD Energy Products, the only total solutions provider to the hydraulic fracturing, drilling, and well servicing pumps market, has completed a large-scale renovation of its plunger manufacturing facility in Aledo, Texas. These renovations will expand its manufacturing capabilities and improve workplace conditions while reducing its environmental footprint.

Located outside of Fort Worth, Texas, the upgraded facility consists of three buildings across four acres, comprising approximately 20,000 ft2 of workspace. GDEP has invested heavily in upgraded equipment and sustainable processes at the Aledo facility to improve working conditions for staff. Renovations include air and water quality improvements, safety upgrades and an overall streamlined production process which enables faster turnaround times for customers.

Upgrades improve employee safety while reducing environmental footprint

A new state-of-the-art air pollution control and dust collection system cleans the coating environment, providing quality coverage to each plunger while keeping the air indoors environmentally clean and safe. The system collects and filters dust and metal particles from spray booths during the spray and fuse process, resulting in a 99% reduction of particulate matter (PM10) emissions. This equates to a reduction of 21 tons of PM10 being emitted into the air per year, providing increased air quality for GDEP staff.

Additionally, GDEP purchased an on-site Public Water System (PWS) to ensure quality drinking water at the Aledo facility. The PWS produces fresh, potable water from an on-site water well operated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). A TCEQ-licensed PWS operator monitors the water quality to ensure it meets or exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards.

Other improvements to the facility include a gas distribution upgrade with new oxygen and propylene bulk tanks, along with gas detection sensors allowing for consistent and safe working conditions.

Brett Walters, GDEP’s Director of Operations - Consumables, said, “GDEP is excited to offer a newly upgraded and sustainable operation that focuses on protecting employee health and safety while improving operational procedures to more efficiently serve our customers.”

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