AWS selects startups to participate in Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0

World Oil Staff March 06, 2023

(WO) — CERAWeek by S&P Global, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the startups selected for the Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0, a high-pace, non-equity dilutive accelerator designed to facilitate collaborations with mature startups developing breakthrough clean energy technologies.

The AWS Clean Energy Accelerator aims to foster innovation and rapid growth of clean energy technology, which is needed to address the global climate crisis. Primary focus areas of the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 include advanced materials, carbon capture, utility and storage (CCS), economic hydrogen generation, transport, and use, energy storage, grid modernization, energy security and reliance.

The program is designed to spur co-innovation through energy collaborations and is centered on the needs of mature startups from across the globe. Through the program, industry and thought leaders will mentor startups on topics like energy, digital competency, investment, public policy, innovation, and advanced research.

Leading energy organizations will work with selected startups on addressing clean energy and decarbonization challenges, while AWS provides guidance in accelerating experimentation, expanding automation, and delivering deep insights by leveraging the cloud.

To date, the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator has helped over 14 pilot kickoffs and influenced more than $207 million in seed funding for clean energy and climate technology startups.

AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 startups

Lyten (USA), an advanced material manufacturer, has invented Lyten 3D Graphene ™ platform and a proprietary process to liberate carbon and hydrogen with zero emissions. Lyten tunes and functionalizes 3D Graphene to create disruptive material performance in Energy, Defense, Automotive, Aviation applications and more.

SunGreenH2 (Singapore) brings a nanotech-level advance to green hydrogen production, using a complete modular electrolyser system with an advantage of 30x reduce in use of precious metals, doubled hydrogen production and 10% lower renewable energy consumption.

CFEX (USA), a platform used to calculate scope 2 emissions on a 24/7 hourly basis. Meter-to-Carbon and Meter-to-Cash products are able to scale up to tens of thousands of enterprises with applications for automating PPA contracts and maximizing network effects between buyers and sellers.

GENCELL (Israel), zero emission fuel cell generators capable of primary power using NH3 as a hydrogen carrier, designed to operate in a closed loop and 100% self-sufficient. Gencell systems can be incorporated for high energy storage and EV charging solutions

Anodyne Chemistries (Canada) combines synthetic biology with electrochemistry to deliver enzymatic electrolysis, a low carbon, low temperature method to produce renewable chemicals and fuels.

Levidian Nanosystems (UK) developed a patented self-contained carbon removal modular system that removes carbon from methane gas, creates high purity hydrogen that can be used in existing infrastructure and generate graphene by-products to create carbon negative products.

H2X Mobility (Australia) produces hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, bringing clean hydrogen vehicles to market as well as hydrogen generators for emergency power supply, peak load smoothing, off grid power, 5G communication towers and more.

Arenko (UK) software and hardware solution maximizes capabilities of energy storage and batteries for asset owners and operators. Its platform allows automated participation in multiple energy markets simultaneously, with control and automation of the assets.

Element 1 (USA) produces on-demand green hydrogen from renewable methanol in compact and scalable generators for direct use by fuel cells or compression for hydrogen refueling. Applications include mobile, onsite and marine Hydrogen generation.  

Fusebox Energy (Estonia) is a platform used to integrate more renewable energy to the electricity system by balancing the supply and demand, using the flexibility of the consumers instead of hydrocarbon generators. Currently active in 12 countries in EU.

DiviGas (Singapore) manufactures membranes that can purify hydrogen up to 99.95% purity from any feedstock composition and maintains performance levels in extreme acidity and temperatures. DiviGas membranes reduce the cost of clean technologies such as Biomass Gasifiers, Solid Oxide fuel cells.

Leap Energy (USA) is a platform that connects distributed energy resources to wholesale energy markets creating a cleaner, more resilient grid with applications for battery storage, smart buildings and EV charging

Jungle AI (Netherlands) is an artificial intelligence platform used to increase uptime and performance of renewable energy sources that is built on existing sensors and data streams to improve machinery, predict component failure, and poor performance.

Andes (USA) is a biotech startup that uses beneficial microorganism technology combined with artificial intelligence in agricultural fields to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, transforming it into minerals in the soil while improving yield and use.

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