Trio Petroleum confirms “major” oil, gas accumulation in California well

World Oil Staff May 16, 2023

(WO) – Trio Petroleum Corp. announced that its HV-1 well has confirmed a major accumulation of oil and gas in the Presidents field in its South Salinas project located in Monterey County, California.

oil and gas drilling rig at Trio Petroleum's HV-1 well
Courtesy of Trio Petroleum Corp.

The HV-1 well is a two-mile step-out from Trio’s HV-3A discovery well that found high-quality, mid-gravity oil at depths between 3,750 to 5,100 ft. The HV-1 well drilled through approximately 1,800 ft of the Monterey Formation with major indications of oil and gas prior to reaching total depth at 6,631 ft. The company is currently running well casing from surface to total depth to properly complete the well and is commencing its evaluation of the well data collected.

The HV-1 well was drilled on a new oil and natural gas field that the company refers to as the Presidents field. The Presidents field is a large oil and gas development project located in the company’s South Salinas project in Monterey County, California. The HV-1 well location was chosen based on interpretation of three-dimensional seismic data with the goal of confirming and defining the magnitude of this new oil and gas field, in which Trio owns an 85.75% working interest.

Mr. Frank Ingriselli, Trio’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “We plan to put the HV-1 well on production after we finalize completion operations and our evaluation of the new data we are acquiring from the well, after which we will have a better understanding of production rates, which we plan to announce when available.”

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