Summit Carbon Solutions, Absolute Energy partner to reduce carbon footprints of ethanol plants

World Oil Staff June 26, 2023

(WO) – Summit Carbon Solutions announced a new partnership with Absolute Energy, an ethanol plant located in Saint Ansgar, Iowa.  Absolute Energy, which commenced operations in 2008 and produces approximately 130 million gallons per year of ethanol, joins an expanding network of leading ethanol plants as partners in the transformative carbon capture and storage project led by Summit Carbon Solutions.

Summit Carbon Solutions is spearheading the development of the world's largest carbon capture and storage project, which upon completion will permanently and safely sequester up to 18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. The project, extending through Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota, significantly reduces the carbon footprint of participating ethanol plants and opens new market opportunities.

Summit's partnership with Absolute Energy will result in the removal and permanent storage of 370,000 metric tons of CO2 per year and builds on recent momentum, including a new partnership with NuGen Energy, a South Dakota producer, and having successfully acquired 70% of its pipeline route through voluntary easements with nearly 2,500 landowners. These achievements underline Summit's strong community support and shared vision for sustainable agriculture and energy production.

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