MAN Energy’s first ME-GA-opti engine control feature completes gas trials on LNG newbuild

World Oil Staff July 17, 2023

(WO) – The first LNG carrier in a series currently under construction by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in Korea has completed gas trials. Originally ordered in Q2 2021 and scheduled for delivery in July 2023, the ship is powered by MAN B&W ME-GA dual-fuel engines capable of running on fuel oil and LNG, and comes with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) for emission reduction. MAN Energy Solutions reports that – as a first – the engine-control system sports a new control feature called ‘ME-GA-opti’ for optimal engine operation through individual cylinder control.

The MAN B&W ME-GA engine
The MAN B&W ME-GA engine


ME-GA-opti’s intelligent functionality benefits engine performance in several ways, including by:

  • ensuring optimized conditions for the combustion process by reducing the influences of ambient temperature, pressure and humidity that can influence Otto-cycle engines
  • enabling maximum and stable gas potential for the engine
  • reducing fuel-ratio control activation – MEGA-opti is able to adapt the engine’s running conditions as the combustion moves towards the pre-ignition limit.

Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Promotion and Customer Support, MAN Energy Solutions, said, “ME-GA-opti is the latest and most advanced control feature for the ME-GA engine and significantly improves its operation. It comprises an advanced and intelligent network of control algorithms that have been developed to optimise the combustion process on an individual-cylinder basis, and which ensure optimal operating conditions. I’m certain it will be received well by the market.”

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