Enteq achieves directional drilling milestone with successful SABER Tool trials

World Oil Staff August 09, 2023

(WO) – Enteq Technologies, an energy services technology and equipment supplier, has announced a significant milestone as its game-changing alternative to traditional rotary steerable systems (RSS), the SABER Tool (SABER), has successfully completed downhole drilling testing, with the system proven to be effective in an operational environment.

The trials took place at Catoosa Drill Test Facility in Oklahoma, following initial testing in Norway earlier this year. During an extensive drilling program, the SABER system met the test objectives, successfully generating steering forces to change the trajectory of a well (generating dogleg) in typical reservoir rock conditions. An independent survey has been conducted to measure the well trajectory and an expert review was conducted, both confirming the ability of SABER to provide sufficient steering forces for the target commercial applications.

Reflecting on the results, Andrew Law, CEO at Enteq, said, “Since acquiring the technology from Shell, we believed SABER could change the future of drilling. The goal has been to optimize and verify that the technology can outperform the solutions available today. I am proud to say that we have achieved this, with a next generation tool which could transform oil and gas RSS performance, and also play a significant role in the energy transition.”

With SABER’s unique application of Bernoulli’s principle now validated, Enteq has confirmed the tool will deliver true at-bit steering competitively for commercial drilling applications globally, providing significant tool life and reliability benefits. SABER is geothermal and methane capture ready, enhancing its range of applications beyond the offerings of other RSS technologies currently available in the market.

As part of the company’s growth ambitions, Enteq is currently selecting strategic industry partners in key global locations to support and accelerate market penetration.

Martin Perry, Chairman of Enteq, said, “As an independent and agile company, our mission is to play a defining role in the downhole drilling industry, identifying current inefficiencies in the market and providing solutions to address them. We took on SABER because we knew the potential of the technology to make a positive change to the energy sector and following the successful trials, there are exciting times lying ahead for Enteq as we move into the next stage of the game-changing SABER Tool’s commercialization.”

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