KCA Deutag, Pruitt to collaborate on global managed pressure drilling opportunities

January 14, 2024

(WO) – KCA Deutag and Pruitt have signed an exclusive partnership agreement to collaborate on managed pressure drilling (MPD) opportunities globally.

KCA Deutag’s global footprint, customer relationships and extensive drilling, engineering and technology experience combined with Pruitt's expertise in MPD equipment design, manufacturing, and well engineering will see the companies combine their expertise to offer additional drilling and well delivery solutions to customers across the globe.

The partnership provides Pruitt with access to KCA Deutag’s resources, rig engineering, and supply and manufacturing bases in Europe and the Middle East, while KCA Deutag will benefit from the inclusion of Pruitt’s best in class MPD technology solutions into their drilling operations.

Ole Maier, President for Offshore for KCA Deutag commented, "Pruitt is an industry leader in managed pressure drilling and this partnership allows us to offer additional MPD technology and services to further support our customers with drilling and well delivery solutions. By working closely together, we can leverage our expertise to introduce new ways of working and target growth opportunities to #enhancethebrand and create accretive value to all stakeholders.”

Grant Pruitt, President/CEO of Pruitt stated, “KCA Deutag is a leading drilling, engineering and technology partner and this agreement provides us with direct access to 160 owned and managed drilling rigs across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Caspian Sea, Latin America and Canada. We look forward to working together to deliver successful managed pressure drilling projects to customers globally.”

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