Railroad Commissioner blasts Biden's LNG export pause at House committee hearing

May 02, 2024

(WO) — Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian testified before the House Select Committee on Protecting Texas liquified natural gas (LNG) Exports on May 2.

Commissioner Christian testifying before the House Select Committee on Protecting Texas LNG Exports at Lamar State College in Port Arthur, TX. (Source: Railroad Commission)

The Biden Administration's announcement earlier this year to pause approval for pending and future applications to export LNG drew sharp criticism from Commissioner Christian. Texas, responsible for about half of the nation’s LNG exports, reached a record-high of 8.1 billion cubic feet per day in October 2023, with substantial exports to Europe.

Commissioner Christian denounced President Biden's actions as election year politics, asserting that the pause on LNG exports would neither reduce emissions nor benefit allies, instead making energy more expensive and less accessible.

“Throughout his time in office, President Biden has unnecessarily put the United States and our allies at a severe geopolitical disadvantage just for the sake of virtue signaling that he is progressive on climate change,” said Commissioner Christian. “His pause on LNG exports is nothing more than election year politics at its worst because it will do nothing to reduce emissions, while making energy more expensive and less accessible for our allies in their time of need.” 

Highlighting the administration's broader approach towards the oil and gas industry, Christian accused Biden of various attacks, from regulatory threats to flooding the market with funds for renewable energy. He emphasized the importance of Texas LNG exports, portraying them as vital for global energy security.

“Since taking office, the Biden administration has used every attack possible to destroy Texas oil and gas from EPA nonattainment threats to Endangered Species Act designations, adding red tape and creating new taxes, and flooding the market with billions of taxpayer dollars for more wind and solar,” Christian said. “Texas LNG is the hope for the free world. At today’s hearing, Texas leaders sent a clear message that we will continue to fight this ‘keep-it-in-the-ground’ agenda, because providing life-saving reliable energy to the world is our responsibility.”

In January, Commissioner Christian urged President Biden not to proceed with the LNG export pause, and in February, he commended House Republicans for passing H.R. 7176, which aims to challenge Biden's actions on LNG.

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