SilverBow Resources implements horseshoe lateral in South Texas’ Austin Chalk formation

May 02, 2024

(WO) — SilverBow Resources Inc. has released its financial and operating results for the first quarter of 2024, highlighting notable achievements in its operations, particularly in the Austin Chalk region.

The company reported significant advancements in its drilling activities and operational efficiencies within the Austin Chalk formation. SilverBow operated three rigs during the quarter, focusing on areas such as the Central Oil, Western Condensate, and Eastern Extension areas, where it brought online 12 net wells. The company plans to continue its strategic operations, aiming to reduce activity to two rigs by June 2024.

One of the notable successes in the first quarter was the drilling of the company's first horseshoe (U-shaped) well in the Austin Chalk. This innovative approach proved SilverBow's ability to capture significant upside through the development of complex acreage configurations. The company identified more than 30 horseshoe development locations, highlighting the potential for further value creation in the region.

Additionally, SilverBow implemented a successful refracturing program, with initial wells demonstrating internal rates of return of more than 100%. The company plans to pursue additional refracturing opportunities in 2024, leveraging its operational expertise to enhance returns and optimize production.

Sean Woolverton, Chief Executive Officer of SilverBow Resources, emphasized the outstanding results achieved during the first quarter, citing the successful integration of the company's South Texas acquisition as a catalyst for greater scale, capital flexibility, and cash flow generation. The company remains committed to its strategy of disciplined returns and accelerated debt reduction, with a focus on long-term value creation for shareholders.

Looking ahead, SilverBow expects to continue its momentum in the Austin Chalk region, with plans to drill additional wells and capitalize on the area's high-return development opportunities. The company remains optimistic about its outlook for the remainder of 2024, reaffirming its commitment to delivering sustainable growth and value for stakeholders.

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