eDrilling launches AI Drilling Agent solution for oil and gas operations

May 27, 2024

(WO) – eDrilling introduced AI software to avoid incidents and non-productive time 20 years ago.  Now, the company is taking the next step on this journey with the AI Drilling Agent, a companion to your drillers, drilling engineers and crews for oil and gas operations and more.

The software is a fully adaptive, self-learning, and continuously improving system that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of drilling. The AI agent finds the most efficient and safe way to TD, predicts incidents, hazards, and optimizes parameters.

“The AI Drilling Agent project is the biggest science and engineering effort we’ve undertaken as a company,” said Toni Fadnes, eDrilling’s CEO. “We have always demonstrated leadership in AI R&D, and developing an everyday companion to engineers and crew members will make AI real and relevant for our industry globally.”

Adds Jie Cao, eDrilling’s CTO, said, “I believe the transition we are seeing right now with artificial intelligence is the most significant transformation in our time, far bigger than the shift to web or to computing before it.  The project represents a step change in our approach, building upon previous research and engineering breakthroughs like dynamic modelling, digital twins, model-based reasoning, autocalibration, and our dynamic simulation technologies.”

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