Texas regulator calls on Biden administration to restart LNG exports to support Ukraine

June 25, 2024

(WO) - Following recent reports that the Biden Administration’s federal moratorium on new liquified natural gas (LNG) export plants is prohibiting Ukraine from purchasing American LNG, Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian slammed the administration’s policy and called on the president to rescind the ban.

Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian

“This politically motivated ban is doing more than simply costing America economic activity— it’s jeopardizing our European allies and U.S. interests abroad,” said Commissioner Wayne Christian. “At a time when our allies need U.S. energy the most, President Biden is making it harder for them to access it. Ukraine’s deal for American LNG could be the leverage the West needs to gain an upper hand on Putin by ending Europe’s reliance on Russian energy and depriving Putin of his primary revenue source to fund his unjust war. American fossil fuels can once again be the ‘hope of the free world’ – but only if Biden will let it.”

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