Bayonet to demonstrate new autonomous underwater ground vehicle at Ocean Business

World Oil Staff March 30, 2023

(WO) – Bayonet Ocean Vehicles (Bayonet) will be demonstrating the Bayonet 250 autonomous underwater ground vehicle during its first UK demonstration at Ocean Business. This demonstration will include showing the vehicle’s autonomous capability, and over-the-horizon command and control technology provided by fellow exhibitor Greensea Systems, Inc. (Greensea).

Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicle
Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicle

Based in the USA, Bayonet vehicles come in three sizes, the Bayonet 150, 250, and 350, for increased scalability. The modular set up allows quick and easy vehicle configuration with a wide range of sensor payloads.

This adaptability makes them a powerful tool for use in a range of industries, including offshore oil and gas, marine renewables, maritime security and defense, marine salvage, science and engineering. During the demonstration, Bayonet will show the features of the Bayonet line of vehicles including portability, payload capability, and ease of operation.

The Bayonet crawlers are built on OPENSEA, a fully open architecture operating platform, from marine robotics technology specialist, Greensea. Running on this state-of-the-art software, the crawlers offer the most stable and adaptable operating system in marine robotics.

Vehicle operators benefit from improved operation, accuracy through precise navigation, vehicle autonomy, component and payload integration, and over-the-horizon command and control.

The extensive feature list lets them perform a range of tasks including surveys for nearshore, geophysical and geotechnical marine surveys, inspection and maintenance activities, environmental monitoring of the seafloor, beach zone, rivers and marshes, coastal dredging support, or littoral warfare, such as mine detection and clearance.

Nick Hartman, VP Strategy and Growth, and General Manager of Bayonet Ocean Vehicles went on to say; “It is amazing to see the technology integrate between software and hardware, and give an operator the ability to perform job specific tasks, with no risk or harm to themselves.”

Bayonet will be operating the Bayonet 250 crawler in the hospitality area HS04 remotely from Greensea’s Stand L13. Both teams will be available to share details on the autonomous underwater ground vehicles, and how the open architecture platform improves safety and productivity in robotic operations, helping you get your mission accomplished.

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