April 2016
Port Fourchon

A message from the executive director

Quality and quantity matter now, more than ever
Chett Chiasson / Port Fourchon

As the industry continues to grapple with the ramifications of stubbornly low oil prices, the need for an all-inclusive, centrally located and cost-effective supply-and-service center has never been greater. And, that is precisely what Port Fourchon delivers. Despite the current economic climate, we remain steadfast in our commitment to work side by side with our industry partners to ensure that the deepwater Gulf of Mexico remains America’s premier source of energy.

Our varied and high-quality tenants provide all of the equally high-quality products and services required for the most challenging deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration and production projects. Also, our centralized location along Louisiana's southernmost coast, makes it easy to see why Port Fourchon has long been recognized as "The Gulf's Energy Connection."

Frankly, while companies choose Port Fourchon, because we are the only game in town, we are the only game in town for a very good reason. Our widely held stature as the world's preeminent deepwater service-and-supply center took root in the economic pressures that, like today, characterized the oil downturn of the 1980s. Then, when companies needed to consolidate their Gulf of Mexico operations, perfectly centralized Port Fourchon became the logical choice. Since the industry first began targeting deeper waters, Port Fourchon, with its fast and cost-effective access to the outermost boundaries of the Gulf and state-of-the-art infrastructure, remains the most obvious choice. Importantly, our port commission has, and continues to, invest heavily to reinforce Port Fourchon as the only one-stop source for every service and commodity needed to deliver hydrocarbons from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Quite simply, we put skin in this game, too, and our Commission has a long history of working collaboratively with our tenants in both good times and bad to ensure deepwater oil and gas remains here for the long haul.

In these trying times, quality, quantity and location matter more than ever, but Port Fourchon is so much more. Our dedicated commissioners consider themselves more than just a port authority, but also staunch advocates for the industry, our tenants and our community. This year, for instance, we offered our voice in opposition to the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) proposed Well Control Rule, which, if enacted, would have a devastating impact on the industry, and our community, for years to come.

Of course, Port Fourchon would not be what it is without our tenants, who represent some of the most respected names in the industry, providing state-of-the-art technologies and services, and bolstered with the support of a progressive port authority with a laser-focused resolve to ensure they remain competitive.

Port Fourchon is highly regarded at all levels of government, playing host to sitting members of the U.S. Congress and agency heads so that they can better understand the needs and benefits of the industry.

We are keenly aware that the oil prices we have today are not sustainable to meet the nation's increasing demand for energy. That's why, rather than simply wait for times to get better, we at Port Fourchon are expanding our capabilities to guarantee our industry is poised at the leading edge for development when the upturn inevitably comes. —Chett Chiasson wo-box_blue.gif 

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Chett Chiasson
Port Fourchon
Chett Chiasson is the executive director of Port Fourchon.
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