December 2018
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New products and services

New products and services
Michele Cowart / World Oil

Remote frac tree connector for hydraulic fracturing is safe, intelligent 

Reel Power Oil & Gas has developed a remote connector between the wireline pressure control and crown valve, at the top of the frac tree, in a hydraulic fracturing application. Called Loc-Torus II, the system allows the operator to safely connect the wireline tool-string, without personnel entering the high-pressure danger zone, and allows a saving of 15 min. to 30 min. per stage.

Solid-state wellbore surveying system offers the ultimate accuracy

Gyrodata Incorporated releases a new, solid-state drop-gyro tool, the OmegaX. Utilizing disruptive SPEAR technology, the service provides increased reliability, improved robustness, and significantly higher accuracy. Surveys are recorded while tripping the drillingstring out of the hole and with zero rig time. The sensors are not affected by mass unbalance or magnetic interference, and reduce the ellipse of uncertainty by up to 154%.

Dust suppression systems catch minute particles, improve air quality on the job site

Generac Mobile’s dust suppression systems nebulize water, creating a fine mist that covers the area evenly. The nebulized water particles have a 5-micron-to-150-micron diameter, combining themselves with dust particulate down to 80 microns, dragging them to the ground. Traditional systems produce water droplets of about 1,000 microns in size, which only capture larger dust particles. The DF 7500 system can rotate 335°, covering an area of 49,514 ft2. It has a maximum horizontal range of 131 ft and a vertical range of 52 ft. The unit has an electronic control panel on board, with an optional remote control and comes skid-mounted, with a trailer optional.

Interchangeable dump beds tackle multiple applications with a single truck

ARDCO dump beds for the articulating multi-purpose truck (AMT), offer payloads of 10 tons to 20 tons, volume upgrades for lighter materials, and tire options to suit extreme conditions. The AMT 600 dump bed provides a payload of 40,000 lb and standard dump capacity of 16 cubic yards. Side boards can be added to increase capacity to 24 cubic yards when handling low-density material. The AMT 400 dump bed has a 20,000-lb payload and 8-cubic-yard dump capacity that goes up to 12.5 cubic yards with side boards. Both models have a 70° dump angle at full dump height.

Sensor withstands extreme temperatures, automatically adjusts frequencies

Southwest Research Institute has improved its magnetostrictive transducer (MsT) sensor by incorporating a stronger magnet that more accurately detects potential problems in metal and nonmetal structures such as pipelines, storage tanks and anchor rods. The circular, hard-shell sensor clamps around pipes and other structures, and is available in circumferences ranging from 0.5-in. to 70-in. It detects material flaws, corrosion and areas at risk of developing cracks and leaks. At just 1.1 in, the sensor uses less shear-wave couplant, and requires less clamping force when dry coupled, designed to withstand up to 932° F.

AUV launch and recovery system increases efficiency, reduces costs

UTEC has commissioned its new launch and recovery system (LARS) for a fleet of seven autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) it uses for seabed surveys, thus eliminating the need for a small boat. The system’s design uses flanged and bolted steel and aluminum tubulars, for quick assembly and disassembly. It also can be used for subsea launches. In addition, global navigation satellite and ultra-short-baseline positioning systems can be mounted on the LARS to seed the AUV’s inertial navigation system positioning.

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