Issue: October 2021


OPINION: The bipartisan REGROW Act is a good way to improve the environment and create high-paying jobs

As Congress attempts to navigate multiple legislative priorities in a significantly partisan atmosphere, it’s important to remember there are areas where broad agreement can be found.

Flow assurance criticalities and challenges management in Zohr gas field

As multi-phase transport of oil and gas is increasingly stretched over greater distances, and access to subsea infrastructure becomes even more limited, ensuring sustainable, reliable and robust operations is vital to reducing the influence on downstream facilities.

Floating ideas on safety and risk management

Fifty-five FPSO units in the global fleet are reaching the end of their design life in the next five years, and a further five have life extension in place. With 19 more FPSOs currently being evaluated for life extension, what are the possible safety issues from corrosion and other structural integrity concerns?

From 4IR to hydrogen: How technology can accelerate the move toward low-carbon economies

While the upstream industry is changing, the world continues to demand large quantities of affordable energy. Balancing the delivery of this energy, while reducing and removing emissions, is a challenge that the industry can deliver on.

Digital oilfield partnerships accelerate delivery of completions innovation

Harnessing the digital oil field and building fit-for-purpose business analytics allows E&Ps and service companies to navigate market forces, manage the energy transition, automate processes, contain costs, reduce carbon footprint, and deliver better wells in less time.

Shaletech: Marcellus-Utica shales

Discipline tested, as gas continues upward trajectory

Managing reservoirs with 4D seismic

By accelerating the identification and mapping of production-induced seismic changes, a new 4D feature can enable operators to increase the potential of finding hydrocarbons in poorly drained or overlooked sections of offshore reservoirs.

Gulf retired Chairman and President Robert W. Scott passes away

Veteran oil and gas editor and publishing executive was a Houston industry icon.

OPINION: UN gives Biden a passing grade on climate – would Americans give him the same grade on the economy?

President Joe Biden – clueless as ever – is using the UN COP26 summit as an opportunity to tout “green energy” while ignoring the looming threat of a global energy shortage and pretending bad actors like China and Russia are holding up their end of the bargain.
Special Focus

Value driven MWD delivers solution for difficult HPHT environments

High temperatures, high pressures and/or abrasive formations can make for unmanageable conditions. A proprietary MWD technology has been developed to endure harsher downhole environments than previous measurement logging tools.

Innovative RSS design increasing efficiency of drilling more complex wellbore profiles

As operators confront more challenging wells with increasingly complex designs and deeper depths, the industry continues to make advancements with unconventional innovations. A slim-hole RSS is delivering success in North America and Romania, while an innovative drilling strategy has enabled operators to set new performance benchmarks in the North Sea.

Advances of an industry: A case for hybrid drilling

Integrating diesel power generation with a battery energy storage system optimizes load profiles, lowering fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating expenses while stabilizing power supply to improve ROI for onshore drilling contractors.

Successful introduction of the Crush & Shear™ hybrid drill bit technology in Brazil

Innovative bit exceeds average rop of offsets and reaches total depth in a single run, in Brazil’s Parnaiba basin

Still scheduling drilling projects the old way? You’re missing out.

Effective drilling scheduling is critical to operator success, yet many organizations are still using 1990s-era software and a cumbersome manual process that make tracking to goals difficult. Modern scheduling software yields insights into performance, and projections concerning results, which are invaluable.

The Last Barrel

No longer just a byproduct of oil production, natural gas is rapidly becoming an important tool in the worldwide pursuit of carbon emissions reduction.

First oil

Thanks for the memories, Bob

Oil and gas in the Capitals

U.S. officials vs NATURAL GAS

What's new in Production

Functionalized surfaces

Executive viewpoint

We need a pragmatic approach to meeting global energy needs

The ESG perspective

An operator’s and consultant’s perspective

Industry at a Glance

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