Texas oil regulator blasts Biden’s pro-OPEC, anti-U.S. energy industry stance

November 03, 2021

AUSTIN – Railroad Commission of Texas Chairman Wayne Christian issued the following statement regarding new methane standards proposed by the Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“While Americans are paying $144 million more for gas per day than in the past, the Biden administration continues their efforts to tax and regulate the oil and gas industry out of existence,” said Christian. “Texas is the number one oil and gas producer in the nation, and these continued anti -oil and -gas policies will kill jobs, stifle economic growth, and make America more reliant of foreign nations to provide reliable energy.”

“It’s hypocritical to kill clean fossil fuel jobs here in America claiming it ensures a clean environment, and then beg our foreign adversaries to produce more using much less environment-friendly methods. The U.S. is a global leader in reducing emissions, not through regulation – but technological innovation. In fact, over the last fifty years, the six major pollutants regulated by the EPA have fallen by 77 percent while the U.S. economy grew 285 percent and its population by 60 percent,” continued Christian.

“With a looming global energy supply crisis and inflation on the rise, we need more economic certainty not less; we need more oil and gas production, not more clean energy fantasies,” said Christian. “I remain committed to ensuring Texans have access to plentiful, reliable, and affordable energy.”

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