World Oil’s Top Stories of 2022: 11-15

World Oil Staff December 28, 2022

(WO) — U.S. oil producers recouped pandemic losses, while Russian war-time efforts disrupted other operations in 2022. However, that’s a small glimpse into this year’s most interesting headlines. Here are more of the top industry news stories, courtesy of World Oil.

11: Biggest private oil producer in the U.S. not for sale after founder’s death

Mewbourne Oil Co., the largest private oil producer in the U.S., said it will remain in the hands of its controlling family after the recent death of its eponymous founder.

12: World Oil analysis: Significant majority of U.S. imports of Russian “oil” are products

We think it’s important to actually quantify the extent to which the U.S. is importing Russian crude and products. Politicians have referred to “Russian oil” as if all imports from that country are strictly crude oil. This is not true.

13: War turns Argentina's shale boom dream into gas-buying nightmare

Despite having shale-gas deposits to rival those in Appalachia, Argentina's domestic gas production sector has suffered from years of underinvestment that has left it unable to meet domestic demand, never mind the needs of the export market.

14: Shale giants swear they won't drill more, even at $200 a barrel

The timing couldn’t be worse for consumers, but the message from shale country is loud and clear: the independents won’t repeat the mistakes of the past by flooding the world with cheap oil.

15: U.S. shale’s cash bonanza is about to wipe out $300 billion loss

It may have taken an investor rebellion, a pandemic and a war in Europe, but U.S. shale oil and gas producers are now on the cusp of making back their losses from the last decade.

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