BeyonC selected to join Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program

World Oil Staff January 02, 2023

(WO) — BeyonC announced that it has been selected to join Chevron Technology Ventures' (CTV) Catalyst Program, an initiative to help early-stage companies mature their technologies with the aim of benefiting the energy industry around the world.

BeyonC mini-ROV in operation

The program incentivizes BeyonC to further develop proprietary technology that is designed to improve the safety of performing subsea inspections while reducing carbon emissions, potentially improving asset reliability and reducing cost.

BeyonC has patent-pending technology that provides mini-ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) with cost-effective, on-demand asset integrity data. The BeyonC technology platform has been shown to provide a dramatic reduction in CO2 footprint compared to surveying performed by large offshore vessels.

The data includes the status for cathodic protection (CP) from the industry-leading FiGS® platform that is fully integrated into the body of the ROV. BeyonC's technology supplies CP status and visual surveys for offshore installations, providing decision data for operators as well as mapping the integrity status for the offshore facilities. In 2023, BeyonC will target oil and gas pipelines and plans to deliver the first offshore wind integrity survey.

By meeting the Catalyst Program milestones, BeyonC can progress toward the commercialization of its technology and complete trials with global operators in the energy sector.


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