OEUK: UK’s offshore industry needs collaboration between oil, gas, renewables to protect energy security

October 11, 2023

(WO) – Offshore Energies UK, the leading representative body for the offshore energies industry, attended Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool, participating in panel sessions and hosting a discussion on the energy transition with The New Statesman. The delegation was led by CEO David Whitehouse, who listened to key speeches from the Labour’s front bench, including Sir Keir Starmer MP, Rachel Reeves MP and Ed Miliband MP.  The UK’s energy future was a common thread across the conference and David Whitehouse contributed to many discussions.

OEUK CEO David Whitehouse

David Whitehouse, Offshore Energies UK CEO, said, "Labour has big ambitions for the UK’s energy security and for funding and building a low carbon future. Our members up and down the country and their workers have a shared commitment to net zero. We look forward to both seeing and contributing to the detail on unlocking the private investment and collaboration needed to make this future a reality. 

“Realizing these ambitions will require a massive uptick of progress and collaboration across all sectors of our economy. The offshore energy industry is fully committed to net zero and was one of the first sectors to sign up to its targets. Other sectors such as construction and manufacturing must also step up to build a low carbon world. Transforming our energy demand is just as, if not more, important than our energy supply in driving this generational change.

“The decarbonization of our economy is one of the greatest opportunities and challenges of our time — policy decisions made today will impact opportunities of the future. We know that prioritizing a homegrown transition – protecting our country’s energy security, jobs and communities – will unlock the greatest benefits to the UK economy. If delivered successfully, it will spur economic growth, support jobs, and allow reliable supplies of homegrown, cleaner energy in the UK, for the UK.

“The reality of the energy transition is that we need both oil and gas and renewables in an integrated system to protect the UK’s energy needs. We must create an irresistible investment environment in the UK if we are to realise the full scale of opportunities - billions of pounds worth - that we see in wind, hydrogen and CCS, alongside oil and gas, and grow a UK energy supply chain to match, making the most of our North Sea heritage.

“What our sector needs is confidence — confidence to invest in the next generation of energy security through fiscal certainty, competitive returns, and long-term commitments — ensuring communities across the UK can benefit and thrive.”

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