Texas oil and gas production sets new records in 2023, Railroad Commission says

April 09, 2024

(WO) – Texas’ major energy industry reached new peaks last year with records set for both oil and gas production.

The Railroad Commission regulates the Texas oil and gas industry and tallies production reports submitted by operators.  

Oil production hit a record 1.92 Bbbl in 2023, which was 51 MMbbl more than the previous record. Operators produced 12.01 Tcfg in 2023, beating the previous record by more than 13%.

“These production records are beyond impressive and reflect how Texas continues to provide reliable domestic production for the nation,” said Wei Wang, RRC Executive Director.

“As the state’s oil and gas regulator, the RRC is committed to our critical mission supporting Texas’ economic growth that benefits Texans. Production taxes collected from the oil and gas industry pay for our schools, highways and the state’s Rainy Day Fund. The Commission will continue its hard work to ensure the state remains at the forefront of the energy sector.”

Top 5 oil production years (crude oil and condensate)

2023 - 1.92 Bbbl

2019 - 1.86 Bbbl

2020 - 1.77 Bbbl

2021 - 1.75 Bbbl

2022- 1.71 Bbbl

Top 5 natural gas production years (gas well and casinghead gas)

2023 - 12.01 Tcf

2021 - 10.61 Tcf

2022 - 10.51 Tcf

2020 - 10.23 Tcf

2019 - 10.21 Tcf

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