Issue: December 2018

Special Focus

An Internet of things turns to the right

Control and automation are long-time centers of gravity for rig innovation. But high tech is redefining both with remarkable advances in safety, efficiency and operational capabilities.

What industry leaders expect for 2019

By all measures, most of 2018 has been an improvement on 2017, which was markedly better than 2016.

Apache founder Raymond Plank was one of a kind

When Apache founder and former Chairman Raymond N. Plank passed away at his Ucross, Wyoming, home on Nov. 8, at the age of 96, it marked the departure of one of the U.S. oil and gas industry’s last truly larger-than-life figures.

Trent Latshaw recognized with IADC’s highest honor

On Nov. 9, 2018, at the IADC Annual General Meeting held in New Orleans, Trent Latshaw, president of Latshaw Drilling Co. and a World Oil editorial advisor, was named 2018 IADC Contractor of the Year.

Permian producers become "victims of their own success"

Despite a few recent snags, Permian basin production should continue its upward trend through 2019.

Nitrogen freeze procedure expedites P&A operation in the Gulf of Mexico

A difficult P&A operation in the GOM was halted, due to a casing part below the slips. Inspection revealed damage so extensive, that further operations or well entry were impossible without changing the BOP for a larger-diameter version. Gas was also emanating from the wellbore, which required a barrier. To solve the problem and reduce NPT, a novel nitrogen freeze technique was employed.

“The government which governs least governs best”

Potential two-year gridlock in the U.S. Congress following the mid-term elections may be a good thing for the domestic oil and gas industry.

Shell asserts lasting commitment to deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Since the beginning of the U.S. shale revolution, circa 2003, producers have been drawn to the value of the nation’s copious onshore resources.

Subsea water treatment system optimizes sweep efficiency for improved oil recovery

A subsea water treatment module enables operators to decouple water management philosophy from topside processes and tailor an injection, based on well behavior in otherwise inaccessible areas of a reservoir.

Motley outlook amid new highs in gas production, prices

Despite both production and seasonal gas prices at multi-year highs, asset-holders in the Haynesville and Bossier shales are sending mixed messages as to the breadth of the supposedly percolating recovery.

First oil

Observations: The good, bad and indifferent

Energy issues

Permian makes more marks

What's new in exploration

Working to prevent a total collapse of the geophysical industry onshore

Drilling advances

Sleepless in the Gulf

What's new in production

Liquefying the problem

Executive viewpoint

Colorado’s debate begins a national struggle: Your state could be next

Innovative thinkers

Sven Krueger: Learn, develop, and deliver

The last barrel

Vaca Muerta slowly comes to life
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