June 2019
SPE Offshore Europe Preview

SPE Offshore Europe 2019 awaits you!

The SPE Offshore Europe 2019 conference and exhibition is fast approaching.


The SPE Offshore Europe 2019 conference and exhibition is fast approaching. As usual, it will be held in Aberdeen, but this year, it will be hosted in the brand-new P&J Live conference centre, an excellent new venue in which to showcase our industry.

I am delighted to chair the 2019 conference. This year, our theme will be “Our license to operate: Breaking through to excellence.” This sums up the challenges we face, which we must successfully meet, if we are going to thrive.

Since we last met at the 2017 conference, climate change and the role of the energy industry in providing affordable, reliable and clean energy has firmly caught the public’s attention. At this year’s conference, we need to engage with that concern. We need to show how we innovate, and demonstrate the excellence we bring to the job, day in, day out. We need to use this opportunity to show what we are doing, and share ideas that drive us ever further forward in the energy transition.

Offshore Europe 2019 will have three key themes. First, our license to operate. We need to be credible to society and show that we are a real part of the solution to the challenges we all face. Second, the need to innovate, in order to meet those challenges and the needs of society as a whole. Thirdly, and finally, the long-term nature of our industry means we need to attract talent for the future. If we show that we have the license to operate and that we are innovating and excelling at what we do, then we will attract that talent.

The Executive Committee has done a great job of gathering quality speakers and technical sessions. Combined with business breakfasts and topical lunches, it is a tremendous opportunity to discuss our future and share inspiring examples.

With warmest regards,

Michael Borrell

Conference Chairman, SPE Offshore Europe 2019


On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, welcome to SPE Offshore Europe 2019.

Celebrating its 23rd year, SPE Offshore Europe is the largest, technical, offshore E&P conference and exhibition outside North America. The city of Aberdeen has played a highly influential role in the global history of oil and gas E&P. Not only has the city guided significant technological development, but it also has adapted quickly to the changing landscape of hydrocarbon recovery and energy transition. We are excited to be hosted by Aberdeen’s new state-of-the-art P&J Live centre in 2019, a fitting backdrop for a gathering of technological advancement. Under the theme “Our License to Operate: Breaking Through to Excellence,” we will explore cutting-edge innovations and creative ways to deepen knowledge.

Being aware of our industry’s public perception will be essential, as we establish our strategy for the future. The next generation of energy leaders will demand evidence that they are joining an industry that operates at high levels of excellence, corporate responsibility, and environmental sustainability. SPE Offshore Europe will supply this via comprehensive technical and keynote programs, as well as two new features within the traditional exhibition.

First, the “StartUp Village” will showcase the very latest technologies, products and solutions from promising UK and International start-up companies.

Next, we are proud to launch “ENGenious at Offshore Europe,” following the success of our ENGenious Exhibition and Symposium in 2018. ENGenious at Offshore Europe allows digital companies to present transformative E&P solutions that utilize smart communications, data analytics, automation and control systems, and robotics.

SPE Offshore Europe is our industry’s premier place to share professional ideas, discover innovative solutions, and be inspired by technological breakthroughs. I look forward to seeing you there!

Sami Alnuaim, Saudi Aramco

2019 SPE President


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